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Leather three seat sofa

Room for a little one

A three-seater leather sofa is great for snuggling up on as a family and unwinding after a long day. Easy-care leather makes for a hassle-free wipe-clean surface, so even if your kids can get a bit messy at times, keeping your leather sofa in tip-top condition is a piece of cake. Available in a selection of classic colours including black, beige and cream – just find your favourite style and hover over the image to explore all of the colour options or use the colour filters above.

KIVIK three-seat sofa, Grann beige Depth: 95 cm Seat width: 180 cm Seat depth: 60 cm
three-seat sofa
€ 915.00
Depth: 95 cm, Seat width: 180 cm, Seat depth: 60 cm More options
ÄLVROS three-seat sofa, Mjuk black Depth: 96 cm Seat height: 45 cm Height: 92 cm
three-seat sofa
€ 925.00
Depth: 96 cm, Seat height: 45 cm, Height: 92 cm More options
YSTAD three-seat sofa, Grann dark brown Depth: 92 cm Free height under furniture: 10 cm Armrest height: 73 cm
three-seat sofa
€ 915.00
Depth: 92 cm, Free height under furniture: 10 cm, Armrest height: 73 cm
STOCKHOLM three-seat sofa, Seglora dark brown Depth: 88 cm Free height under furniture: 14 cm Armrest height: 72 cm
three-seat sofa
€ 1,600.00
Depth: 88 cm, Free height under furniture: 14 cm, Armrest height: 72 cm More options
TIMSFORS three-seat sofa, Kimstad black, Mjuk Depth: 93 cm Armrest height: 61 cm Seat width: 180 cm
three-seat sofa
€ 795.00
Depth: 93 cm, Armrest height: 61 cm, Seat width: 180 cm More options