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The price of this electrical item includes a Producer Recycling Fund contribution. This ensures that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
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Alarm clock

Wakey wakey!

Getting up isn't always the most enjoyable part of the day, those valuable extra minutes in bed can make all the difference between a good day and a bad day. So having a good alarm clock on your bedside table will make sure you never miss a snooze or any more precious slumber time than you need to.

DEKAD alarm clock, black Depth: 6 cm Height: 14 cm Width: 10 cm
alarm clock
€ 5.25
Depth: 6 cm, Height: 14 cm, Width: 10 cm
VIKIS alarm clock, white Depth: 13 cm Height: 5 cm Width: 15 cm
alarm clock
€ 10.00
Depth: 13 cm, Height: 5 cm, Width: 15 cm
VÄCKIS alarm clock, white Depth: 3 cm Height: 7 cm Width: 7 cm
alarm clock
€ 1.00
Depth: 3 cm, Height: 7 cm, Width: 7 cm