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The price of this electrical item includes a Producer Recycling Fund contribution. This ensures that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
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interior for stuva storage system

It's the inside that matters

A storage system is not complete without the interior. Choose from our selection of shelves to wire baskets and keep the interior looking smart and attractive as the exterior.

On the other hand, we have ready-made combinations to make things easy and you can add to the existing combinations by simply choosing more frames and doors.

STUVA GRUNDLIG leg Diameter: 5 cm Min. height: 10.5 cm Max. height: 12.5 cm
€ 6.00
/2 pack
Diameter: 5 cm, Min. height: 10.5 cm, Max. height: 12.5 cm
STUVA GRUNDLIG wire basket, white Depth: 49 cm Height: 13 cm Width: 60 cm
wire basket
€ 5.00
Depth: 49 cm, Height: 13 cm, Width: 60 cm