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children's desk

The dog ate my homework

Say goodbye to the oldest excuse in the history of homework. With their own personal workstation, the SUNDVIK desk doubles up as a storage space with enough room for all the essentials for well written homework enough to impress any teacher.

IKEA PS 2012 children's table, green Length: 37 cm Height: 25 cm Width: 37 cm
IKEA PS 2012
children's table
€ 17.50
Length: 37 cm, Height: 25 cm, Width: 37 cm
LÄTT children's table with 2 chairs, pine, white Table length: 63 cm Table width: 48 cm Table height: 45 cm
children's table with 2 chairs
€ 22.00
Table length: 63 cm, Table width: 48 cm, Table height: 45 cm
SANSAD children's table, red, pine blue Length: 100 cm Min. height: 48 cm Max. height: 60 cm
children's table
€ 46.00
Length: 100 cm, Min. height: 48 cm, Max. height: 60 cm
UTTER children's table with 2 stools, red Table length: 58 cm Table width: 42 cm Table height: 43 cm
children's table with 2 stools
€ 15.00
Table length: 58 cm, Table width: 42 cm, Table height: 43 cm