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A tiny, shared bedroom with a daybed and cot
Ready or not, here I come!
A new baby doesn’t mean you need more space – you just need to make the most of what you have. Get some tips on welcoming your little one into even the smallest of rooms.
HEMNES Day-bed frame with 3 drawers € 345.00  FÖRHÖJA Wall cabinet € 16.00    NYPONROS Quilt cover and 4 pillowcases € 40.00NYPONROS Quilt cover and 4 pillowcases € 40.00    DEKAD Alarm clock € 5.25SOCKERÄRT Vase € 8.00
HENSVIK cot behind ANITA pair of curtains in white
Quiet corner
Using a curtain as a room divider is a big help at naptime. When drawn, it keeps the light out and dampens sounds so she can fall asleep quickly. And you can get to all those things you need to – like a nap of your own.
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    SMILA BLOMMA Wall lamp € 7.00
Close-up of KOMPLEMENT clothes rail and add-on clothes rail
Double storage
Hanging an add-on rail in your wardrobe gets you twice the storage – in the same space. The rail doesn’t span the full width of the wardrobe, so you’ll still have room for your garments and space for your little one’s, too.
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  BUMERANG Curved clothes hanger € 6.50
HEMNES day-bed frame extended as a double bed
Room for a big bed
A day bed that extends into a double bed takes up less space during the day when you need to get around, but can pull out at night when you want to get cosy. And one with drawers underneath gives you an ideal place for storing extra bed linens.
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HEMNES Day-bed frame with 3 drawers € 345.00HEMNES Day-bed frame with 3 drawers € 345.00NYPONROS Quilt cover and 4 pillowcases € 40.00
Close-up of HEMNES day-bed frame storage functionHEMNES Day-bed frame with 3 drawers € 345.00
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HEMNES Day-bed frame with 3 drawers € 345.00
DEKAD Alarm clock € 5.25
Alarm clock
€ 5.25
Depth: 6 cm / 6 cm, Width: 10 cm
FÖRHÖJA Wall cabinet € 16.00
Wall cabinet
€ 16.00
Width: 30 cm, Height: 30 cm / 30 cm
NYPONROS Quilt cover and 4 pillowcases € 40.00
Quilt cover and 4 pillowcases
€ 40.00
Quilt cover length: 200 cm, Quilt cover width: 200 cm, Pillowcase length: 50 cm
SOCKERÄRT Vase € 8.00
SMILA BLOMMA Wall lamp € 7.00
Wall lamp
€ 7.00
Depth: 7.5 cm, Diameter: 34 cm, Cord length: 2.5 m
BUMERANG Curved clothes hanger € 6.50
Curved clothes hanger
€ 6.50 /8 pack
Width: 43 cm, Thickness: 14 mm, Package quantity: 8 pack