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[National]  Two families lose their kitchens to renovation enthusiasts known asThe IKEA Kitchen Squad
January 24 2010: Two unsuspecting families came home to find their old and shabby kitchensmissing having been replaced with a brand spanking new IKEA kitchen by a team of undercoverinterior experts known as ‘The IKEA Kitchen Squad.’

The undercover group of designers, planners, service experts and installers, have been selected fortheir kitchen expertise by the IKEA home furnishings company as part of a new three part TVcommercial that premieres on Channel 4 tonight at 20:10. The transformation is the first realityhome makeover commercial to be aired on TV. It is part of a new approach to kitchens from IKEAUK & Ireland, who has today launched a new kitchen’s website - It is packedwith inspiration and gives visitors lots of design ideas and kitchen planning tips to help them create akitchen that suits their individual lifestyles.

The filming of the advert was conducted in ‘guerilla style’ with a series of hidden cameras placedaround the unsuspecting participant’s house. The cameras capture the shock of each person cominghome to find their kitchen entirely missing. Every cupboard, work surface, appliance and even thekitchen sink are ripped out and taken to an unknown location for demolition. All that is left in theempty kitchen space is a yellow telephone, ringing with the news that the IKEA Kitchen Squad haspaid them a visit.

Over the course of the next two episodes the participants watch on in amazement as their oldkitchens are destroyed before their eyes and are finally overcome with emotion at the grand revealof their brand new IKEA kitchen.

The host, offering support throughout the somewhat extreme makeover is comedian SandersonJones who plays the role of film maker Leonard Sheppard. His comic timing and tongue in cheekcommentary narrate us through the story, from the initial expressions of shock through to the finaltears of joy.

Monica, a charity worker from Herne Hill, London, the first of the unsuspecting participants,nominated by her twin sister for the surprise makeover commented: “We are really eco-friendly andrecycle everything, plus my husband is Vegan, but our kitchen just didn’t help us live our lives thatway. So, I am over the moon with my new IKEA kitchen, it is so beautiful and is perfectly suited toour lifestyle. Thank you IKEA Kitchen Squad!”

IKEA UK & Ireland External Communications Specialist, Vala Magnadottir commented: “Althoughtheir methods may be extreme, after watching these adverts everyone will want to come home tosee a little yellow telephone waiting for them. The IKEA Kitchen Squad is here to demonstrate howan IKEA kitchen can transform your everyday life and with a free 25 year guarantee1, it will continueto do just that for years to come.”

The IKEA Kitchen Squad is made up of real life IKEA co-workers who took part in an internal auditionprocess to find the ‘best of the best’ in kitchens and were chosen for their expertise in this field.Leading the squad and the voice at the end of the yellow phone is services expert Johanne, the manat her side is in-house designer and interior trends guru Mikael, next up is Emily, the kitchen expertwith an eye for detail and making the magic happen are Head kitchen fitter Damian and kitchen fitterJoe - the ‘fastest fitter in the North’.

The IKEA Kitchen Squad has already helped two kitchens in crisis in the UK, but who is next? Moremakeover shenanigans are set to come your screens in March - and remember the IKEA KitchenSquad is always watching!

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