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[National]  The first iPhone app thatcreates parent and childinteraction
According to research initiated by home furnishing specialist IKEA, half of all parents(52%) feel guilty that they are not spending enough time with their children and three infour (73%) admitting they would like to spend more time relaxing together. Thesefindings form part of the IKEA Playreport, the world’s largest research project intochildren’s play and its effects on family life. In response to this, IKEA has developed thefirst iPhone app designed to encourage interaction between parents and children.

LEKAR, meaning ‘games’ in Swedish, offers parents three specially devised games,which use the iPhone as a tool to generate parent and child game play. With 42% ofparents believing that their children will benefit more from playing with their siblings asopposed to educational toys, each game has been chosen for it’s interactive qualities.The first games being launched on the LEKAR app are “Bird, Fish or In Between”,“Charades” and “Musical Chairs”.

The LEKAR app, initially intended for three to seven year olds, also features a “shakeand-play” option. This allows users to shake the iPhone, which then selects games atrandom. IKEA will be building on the app over the summer and will be releasing moreexciting games via regular updates. This will even include a function to upload gameresults to the Playreport facebook page, so that they can be shared with other parentsand children alike.

With 40% of UK children agreeing that they would like their parents to spend more timeplaying with them, LEKAR is ideal game for engaging children and parents alike. TheIKEA LEKAR app is free and customised for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It can bedownloaded from the Apple store from Wednesday 7th July.

The LEKAR app includes:
Bird, Fish or In Between is a traditional Swedish hide-and-seek game. The first playerseeks a good hiding place for the iPhone. Next the player sets audible clues and theiPhone slowly sets off sounds, which give away its whereabouts. The winner is the onewho finds the iPhone and taps stop!

Charades is a classic word-guessing family game, great to play with the little ones. Thefirst player chooses a task generated by the iPhone. That player then acts out the taskwhilst the other players try to guess what it is by selecting options from the menu.

Musical Chairs is a popular elimination game that is fun for all the family. Players needto start by placing one less chair than players in a circle. The leader then taps theiPhone to start the music. When it stops, players must race to find a chair and whoeverdoesn’t find one is out. The last player sitting wins!

100 million.

Estimated number of children the IKEA social projects in partnership with UNICEF, UNDP and Save the Children will have benefited by the end of 2015.

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