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For the most important people in the world

Kids have a lot of work to do – like developing who they are, discovering the world and then starting their journey to independence. So having the right things at home can make it a little easier. From the day you bring them home until they’re almost all grown up, our children’s furniture will help you turn your home into the best possible playground.

Rooms for making great childhood memories
A calm corner in the nursery with an armchair and footstool
Two girls sharing one room but still having there own space
Circus tent and children’s chairs in a playroom
A space for the children inside the living room
A cosy bedroom with bed canopy, an extendable bed and matching wardrobe and A boy sitting in SUNDVIK rocking-chair, reading a book
A room for sharing
Desktop homework helpers
A desktop setting featuring black desk organisers, colourful pens and wall organisation in front of a black and white wall.
Homework isn’t always the most popular activity but with some fun organisers that help store and display all the ingredients needed to get productive, even maths assignments might be a little easier.
UPPVISA Noticeboard, set of 2 $99.9 ORDNA Mini chest with 2 drawers $49.9 ORDNA Mini chest with 2 drawers $49.9 ORDNA Mini chest with 5 drawers $149.9 BETRAKTA Table mirror with storage $99.9
Personal organisers
Black storage boxes with colourful stickers on top of a white desk.
TJENA boxes come in lots of different sizes and fit everything from school books to video games. Plus, kids can easily personalise them with labels to show what’s inside.
TJENA Magazine file $59.9 TJENA Box with compartments $39.9 TJENA Box with lid $22.9 TJENA Box with lid $39.9 TJENA Box with lid $69.9
A weekly agenda made from a clear plastic picture holder and a craft project displayed.
A weekly agenda is made more memorable when kids can make it the way they see it. By adding pictures of the weeks activities to FINLIR picture holder, kids get a fun craft project and a good start to the world of organisation.
FINLIR Picture holders $99.9
A lighted clear plastic box with children's toys displayed inside.
Be it school project or action figure, SYNAS lighted box makes the perfect place for kids to show off their likes, with a lighted display that draws attention to what they’re most excited about.
SYNAS LED lighting box $329.9
Kid friendly organisation
A storage unit with a black drawer positioned on a white floor with a black and white wall behind.See more STUVA seriesSee more children’s storage furniture
Organisation might not mean much to your kids, but having room for all their things (and a little extra sleep-in time) might. With some easy storage helpers, kids can organise themselves and keep everything right where they want it.
  LOSJÖN Hanger $79.9 LOSJÖN Hanger $79.9 LOSJÖN Hanger $79.9 LOSJÖN Hanger $79.9 LOSJÖN Hanger $79.9 LOSJÖN Hanger $79.9 LOSJÖN Hanger $79.9 LOSJÖN Hanger $79.9
Room for everything
A STUVA loft bed with desk and storage in a black and white room with bright coloured pillows and bed linen on top
A white desk and chair underneath a loft bed with a bright coloured quilt.
A white wardrobe with doors open underneath a loft bed with clothes hanging inside.
Whether it’s a place to show off their likes, do homework or hang out with friends, the older kids get, the more activities their rooms have to have room for. With some multipurpose furniture like STUVA bed/desk/storage, fitting everything in is a little easier.
Why we do what we do at Children’s IKEA
Because we know that playing is learning for life. Sleep is growing for life. Spending time with family and friends is the most important thing. And every moment counts. That’s why we make furniture and toys with these basic ideas in mind.
Children playing with IKEA toys and furniture
We will never grow up
Every product you’ll find at Children’s IKEA has been developed from a child’s perspective. That’s why the best view of our mobiles is from below. And why we don’t make a single piece of kids’ furniture that can’t also make a great mountain, rocket ship or submarine.
We think a lot about safety
We know that children don’t think about safety when playing – so we do. At Children’s IKEA we follow the strictest laws and standards in the world, sometimes even making our own tougher ones. Because we have zero tolerance for any safety or health risks in our products.
Knowledge is our starting point
We don’t have a ton of children’s products – we have the most important ones. That’s because we’ve worked with the world’s leading child experts (and children themselves) to design smart products that are both lots of fun to play with and contribute to your child’s development.