Quality mattress with all-round support We take quality improvement seriously. Our new mattress series not only offers you the perfect support and best price in town, but also let you try it at home for 100 days! If the chemistry isn't right simply bring it back to us or have your money back! We believe a good day starts with a good night's sleep! HÖVÅG
pocket spring mattress,firm
pocket spring mattress,firm
pocket spring mattress,firm
Pocket springs
Are coils individually encased in pockets so that each can work independently to follow the contour of the body.
Memory foam
Provides high pressure-relieving properties, which is a temperature and weight sensitive foam that moulds to your body and regains its natural shape when not in use.
Extra thick high density foam provides superior support.
Individually wrapped pocket springs
Latex mattresses have holes that allow air to circulate. Latex is dense, and the mattress therefore feels heavy. But it is also supple that it can follow the body contours closely. The material is durable and can be used for a long time.
5 comfort zones
Reduce the pressure on shoulder and hips.
Natural materials
Horsehair: each strand is hollow tube which channels away moisture and lets fresh air in.
Wool: pure wool helps to ensure good ventilation, keeping the mattress cool and dry.
Latex: allows air to circulate, help to keep mites away.