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Yes! We’ve got meatballs.
2013-04-22 08:00
[National]  Yes! We’ve got meatballs.
(Hong Kong 22 April, 2013) IKEA Group is committed to serve and sell responsibly produced, high quality food and we have strict quality and safety standards on our food products.

“The trust of our customers and co-workers is of utmost importance to us. In light of the horse meat concerns in the food industry, it is clear that IKEA Group, despite high standards, has failed to live up to our customers’ expectations. We take this very seriously and are now making changes to further strengthening traceability throughout the entire food value chain”, says Edward Mohr, Global IKEA Food Manager.

As a first step we analysed the production of meatballs together with a third party expert and the affected supplier in Sweden. As a result:

   •We have simplified the supply chain by limiting the number of meat suppliers.

   •We have improved controls at the concerned supplier by adding DNA analyses     both on the raw meat material and on the final product. This is an extra measure     to secure that our meatballs only will contain ingredients listed in the product     specification.

As a next step

   •In cooperation with a 3rd party quality assurance company we are now further     developing our requirements for sourcing and processing for all meat products in     our range, with the goal to secure full traceability back to the farm.

   •DNA analyses are being implemented as a normal procedure for minced meat     from all suppliers in all production units

   •Through extended regular third party audits we will secure that suppliers and     sub-suppliers live up to these stricter requirements.

Several IKEA stores are now starting to serve meatballs again. Sales of meatballs in other markets will be resumed gradually when supply is secured.

We are working hard to find a sustainable solution for the sales stopped meatballs that may contain horsemeat. Since there is no health risk associated with eating the meatballs, we are in dialogue with the relevant authorities to explore possibilities to take care of the sales stopped meatballs in a responsible way, in accordance with legal demands.