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Good cause campaigns

Play is a basic need

Many people are not aware that play is a basic need, and that every child has a right to it under the UN conventions on the Rights of the Child. The IKEA Foundation has partnered with some of the most prominent NGOs on this topic:

  • Handicap International
  • Room to Read
  • Save the Children
  • Special Olympics
  • War Child

The partner programmes funded by the campaign will focus on creating safe spaces for vulnerable children to play and develop. 

To learn more visit

Squares with colourful figures.

Let’s Play for Change

The IKEA Good Cause campaign, Let’s Play for Change, focuses on children’s right to play and develop. During November-December 2016, IKEA co-workers and customers engaged in the cause, with a total of 12,6 million IKEA children’s products sold. As a result of the collaboration on the campaign, the IKEA Foundation has donated €21.5 million to six partners who will help thousands of vulnerable children enjoy their right to play, supporting children’s development and learning, equal participation and sports. This donation includes an extra contribution for 2017 to give the projects the best chances of success.

A young boy crawling through hula hoops that are covered with red and green ribbons.

IKEA puts children first

IKEA aims to be the leading company in securing and supporting children’s rights by integrating the best interest of the child in everything we do. We advocate for children’s rights and influence change where we can. We will continually work to integrate the Children’s Rights Business Principles into our ways of working, and support for children’s rights will be reflected in all our key policies and strategies.

For more information about how IKEA Group works with Children’s Rights, read our IKEA Group Sustainability Report 2016.

The IWitness Global Citizens programme

This programme gives IKEA co-workers a chance to see first-hand how the money raised through IKEA good cause campaigns contributes to a better life for children in the world’s poorest communities. Co-workers visit various projects run by IKEA Foundation partners, and share their experiences on IKEA Foundations’ Global Citizens blog.

IKEA Foundation Blog