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Art enthusiasts should head to IKEA this April to ensure that they do not miss out on the third installment of the IKEA Art Event.

The latest limited collection to feature in IKEA stores across the UK will see pieces of contemporary art carefully curated from talented illustrators from around the world. The art collection showcases 12 hand drawn motifs in poster format which shoppers will be able to pick up in store from April for a limited time only as part of IKEA’s ongoing mission to make great art accessible to everyone.

The style of the collection is highly eclectic and diverse with artists using a variety of mediums including charcoal, crayon, graphite and pen and ink to create the art which will be available instore for a limited time only.

The artists included in the limited collection include upcoming figures in the industry as well as better known artists such as Jean Jullien, who created the iconic Peace for Paris symbol in 2015.

Henrik Most, Creative Leader for Art Event 2017 said: “We have a very strong and simple vision about art at IKEA, and it’s that art should be affordable – it should be accessible for the many people – and also that art belongs in the home, not just in galleries or museums”.

“Hand drawing is a fascinating art form, it reminds us of what it is to be human in a world driven by speedy technology and digital development. These drawings are full of sensuality and tactility, almost leaving the fingerprint of the artist right there on the surface of the paper”.

Full list of artists and their works:

• Reflections on Deep Thoughts by Micha Payer & Martin Gabriel
• Assembling Reality by Amit Greenberg
• We are one by Hell’O
• Shelfie by Jean Jullien
• Rainbows by Amandine Urruty
• Around a table by Janna Concejo
• Big Audio Dyn-o-mite! by Kevin Lyons
• Naïve Suave – Imaginary Band 170 by Koen Taselaar
• Life is Pay The Bill by Hahan
• Nightwalk by Ragnar Persson
• MATSURI by Yasuto Sasada
• Keep It Mello by Steven Harrington

The poster sizes are 61cm by 91 cm and are a mixture of landscape and portrait orientation. Available instore from April for a limited time, the posters are £10 each.