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Life at home

Close up of a boy with a cap, tickling a smiling toddler in a red and white polkadot shirt.

Where it all starts

“At home” isn’t just a place. It’s a feeling. Like being in the most comfortable space in the universe. So for us, understanding people’s life at home is the most natural place to start. Every year, we visit homes all around the world to find out what people dream about. We then pair their needs with the abilities of our suppliers to create new solutions that, hopefully, will make everyday life a little better.
A father is playing with his kid

The playful home

Play is an important part of life—for kids and grown-ups alike. When we play, we stimulate creativity, banish worry, embrace our dreams, and create happy memories. But how have perceptions of play evolved over time? And how do families play today? The Play Report 2015 surveyed 30,000 parents and kids worldwide and discovered that no matter how old we are, our ‘inner child’ craves the comfort and freedom of play:

  • 47% of children want more playtime with their parent
  • 71% of parents think the home should be a place for fun and play
  • 90% of parents believe play is essential to wellbeing and happiness

See the full report here (PDF)

See the LATTJO collection here

Behind the scenes: Children’s IKEA PDF

Behind the scenes: Play PDF



KNAPPER, standing mirror with clothes hanging behind it, and a beige ballerina dress hanging against a cracked cement wall.

Taking stress out of take off

Through a recent survey of 8,000 people in eight cities around the globe we learned that nearly 25% find the period between waking up and taking off the most stressful period of the day. Only about 5%, however, find late nights to be stressful. We also learned that picking out clothes in the morning is a huge annoyance for many, no matter where they live. Using these insights, we came up with KNAPPER, a simple, affordable solution for choosing an outfit the night before and enjoying a calmer start to the day.

Image: KNAPPER is a standing mirror with hooks and a bar for hanging clothes behind it, and one example of how we turn insights into solutions.

IKEA life at home report 2016


The IKEA Life at Home report explores the life at home of people all over the world. The aim of the report is to increase awareness of and spark conversation about what better everyday living actually means. This time we dig into what really makes a home for people. The report shows that among many factors, people primarily define their homes as where they have their most important relationships. People who are satisfied with their relationships at home are also happier with their living situation and feel better overall. 


A group of people gathered outside around a table having a cup of coffee.

38% consider the neighbourhood in which they live a part of their home.

Illustration of a perfume bottle and text in white on a blue background.
As many as 40% say their homes have a
particular smell.
Close up of a young femal with red, long hair and bangs, standing in front of a wardobe with hanging garments.

Helping people like jo find what they need

Our research shows that people use only 20% of the clothes in their wardrobe, often because they can’t find everything they need. Insights like these inspired us to develop the KOMPLEMENT range of wardrobe organisers, making Jo’s life easier after a wardrobe makeover by IKEA FAMILY live magazine!

“We get dressed with a lot more ease and less panic now... we love it!”
- Jo

3 life at home focus areas

Adult man in apron, and two kids stanidng on top of stools to reach the countertop in a kitchen.

Living with children
We understand that raising kids can sometimes feel like a juggling act. At IKEA, we love giving families a boost in any small way we can.

Small apartment with focus on a small green table, setting, and two green chairs facing each other.

Small space
By 2030, 7 out of 10 will live in cities. As living space shrinks we’re raising our focus on smart, fun solutions that save both space and money.

Storage boxes in black and white incorporated underneath a staircase.

Rising living standards means more things. By making storage functional, fun and affordable, we make it easier to enjoy a tidy home.