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Life at home

A man standing by the stove in a kitchen, frying vegetables. A young girl standing next to him is helping out with the preparations. The kitchen worktop is packed with oil, eggs and bowls.

Where it all starts

“At home” isn’t just a place. It’s a feeling. Like being in the most comfortable space in the universe. So for us, understanding people’s life at home is the most natural place to start. Every year, we visit homes all around the world to find out what people dream about. We then pair their needs with the abilities of our suppliers to create new solutions that, hopefully, will make everyday life a little better.
Close up of a boy with a cap, tickling a smiling toddler in a red and white polkadot shirt.

With what’s most important at heart

Children are the most important people in the world. That’s why we always have their perspective at heart, in all things we do. We want it to be easy to create a home that’s practical and playful, safe and imaginative – allowing for lots of together time (and for playing astronaut on one’s own).

Play stimulates creativity and makes us less stressed, and it’s an inherent, necessary part of growing up. The Play Report 2017 reveals five key motivators of why we play, as well as seven emerging play trends. In our research, we’ve found that play is unanimously seen to be a power for good, but we have also found that people around the world believe play is undervalued in modern day life.

By sharing data and insights from the research, we want to raise awareness and interest, spark debate and contribute to creating a more playful everyday life for the many people.

The new SLÄKT range

An image of parts of the IKEA SLÄKT range, flexible furniture for kids aged 8 and up. Here we see the bed with three storage modules underneath.

With a license to chill
When it comes to their own space, what children dream of and what their parents feel they need aren’t necessarily the same. That’s one of the reasons why our work with the new SLÄKT range, furniture designed for kids aged 8 and up, started out with a global survey into what children from 8 to 12 years old really want from their space. The answer proved to be nearly the same all over the world; kids want a place to relax and retreat, with potential for hanging out with friends while still being close to their parents. The chill out part isn’t surprising, really. Even though it might not always seem like it when they are preoccupied with one screen or the other, the preteens are hectic years – on the inside as well as on the outside.

Furniture for change
With these findings behind us we continued the development process – aiming for a result that the kids would love (and one that would appeal to the parents too of course). The outcome, a range that includes a bed and furniture for storing, chilling and hanging out, can be adapted to different needs and so is great to interact with.

See the SLÄKT range

“Kids can change what they want to do in their room in a heartbeat, so we designed SLÄKT to be super modular and adaptable, as well as easy to move around if a bunch of friends come over.”

Nina Hughes, Children’s IKEA


The IKEA Life at Home Report 2017

Beating the battles
Our homes are steeped in meaning and personal identity. When we live with people with different needs, tastes and expectations, it’s no wonder we can find ourselves endlessly at battle. In fact, we have found five common battles that unite us all. This year, we connected with a group of people who live in unusual or creative locations – we call them Home Pioneers. They share a way of thinking that can inspire all of us to make the changes we need. One thing’s for sure: the more we talk about how we feel at home, the more we can all beat the battles.

A young woman sitting in the bathroom, looking into the camera while holding her mobile phone.

17% of all people have argued about people intruding on other people’s space at home.

Findings from the IKEA Life At Home Report:

40% of people say that they live with things they hate, but can’t throw them away because they belong to someone else.

46% of all people say that the living room is the most common place at home for conflicts to take place.

44% of people believe it feels ‘wrong’ to define your own space when moving into someone else’s home.

3 life at home focus areas

Adult man in apron, and two kids stanidng on top of stools to reach the countertop in a kitchen.

Living with children
We understand that raising kids can sometimes feel like a juggling act. At IKEA, we love giving families a boost in any small way we can.

Small apartment with focus on a small green table, setting, and two green chairs facing each other.

Small space
By 2030, 7 out of 10 will live in cities. As living space shrinks we’re raising our focus on smart, fun solutions that save both space and money.

Storage boxes in black and white incorporated underneath a staircase.

Rising living standards means more things. By making storage functional, fun and affordable, we make it easier to enjoy a tidy home.