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What’s on in store?

A fun day out for the whole family.

  • SALE


    Get 40% OFF on more than 200 products at IKEA Tottenham SALE from 22nd June - 9th July. IKEA FAMILY members get an extra 10% off sale prices.

    Keep the children entertained with great FREE activities for the family during SALE.

    The young artist flower workshop
    The little ones are invited to express their creativity and get bold with colours in Småland during its opening hours from 22nd June - 9th July.

    IKEA Detectives
    The store has been filled with intriguing mysteries to solve... Children can pick up their detective kit at the store entrance to investigate and get a nice treat at the end of the quest.

  • Live Lagom

    Live LAGOM workshops

    10th June - 9th July

    "Lagom": It’s a simple Swedish philosophy on everyday life that means ‘just the right amount’. We can strike a healthy balance with the world around us without having to make extreme changes, and without denying ourselves the things we love. It’s a powerful idea that’s all change and no fuss.

    Join us in store 10th June - 9th July at one of the Live LAGOM workshops and see how to live life in balance.

    Whether that is making your home more cosy, growing something tasty or just making leftovers to love, our Live LAGOM workshops are packed with ideas that will help you live a little kinder.

    Find out more