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The IDEAS festival | 13th & 14th September 2014

There’s nothing quite like a festival feeling, join us for a weekend full of ideas, tips and fun activities.
Our in-store experts are bringing to life the A to Zzz of tips with handy advice and makeover activities. You’ll discover some surprising and unique tips for your bedroom and bathroom so you can leave the festival bursting with ideas!

The IDEAS Festival includes amazing offers for IKEA FAMILY members, and valid only for this weekend.

Join us at IKEA Nottingham on Saturday 13th and 14th September.

What is happening in the store?

Here's a list of some of the free pop-in activities throughout the weekend.

D is for Dream Catcher

Join us for family crafts workshop. Make
your very own dream catcher.
Hung above the bed, dreamcatchers
are said to filter out bad dreams and
only allow good thoughts to enter our
minds allowing for a restful night’s sleep
and a better start to the day.

  • Saturday 13th September 10am-7pm

  • Sunday 14th September 11am-5pm

  • Location: Work IKEA

    E is for Eating

    Join us for food sampling.
    Food plays an important role in
    keeping you healthy and strong.
    Why not join us and try some of our
    scrumptious swedish tasters.

  • Saturday 13th September 10am-7pm

  • Sunday 14th September 11am-5pm

  • Location: Around the store

    F is for Flower

    Lavender is known to slow down your
    heart rate, lower blood pressure and
    put you into a relaxed state. Our trained
    therapists will provide walk-up chair
    in store with scented oils
    used on the temples.

  • Saturday 13th September 9am-8pm

  • Sunday 14th September 11am-5pm

  • Location: Textiles Department

    J is for jogging

    Speed bed-making customer challenge
    Why not get those endorphins rushing which
    make you feel happy. Get your competitive
    hat on and try and dress the bed and see
    and see who does it the fastest with the
    chance to win some prizes.

  • Saturday 13th September 12pm / 2pm / 4pm

  • Sunday 14th September 12pm / 2pm / 4pm

  • Location: Bedrooms Department

    M is for Mattress

    Welcome to the land of nod
    There are lots of different types of mattresses
    out there. Finding the right one will mean there
    really will be no bed like home. You'll sleep better
    and it could even eliminate back and joint pain in
    the morning. For help finding the perfect
    mattress for you, check out our mattress finder.

  • Saturday 13th September 10am-8pm

  • Sunday 14th September 10am-5pm

  • Location: Bedrooms Department

    O is for Organise

    For you. And everyone else.
    Creating an organised space in your bathroom gets you off to a great start to
    your day. Why not learn how to have your
    beauty essentials stored properly so you glide
    through the morning and out of the door
    on time and in a good mood.

  • Saturday 13th September 10am-8pm

  • Sunday 14th September 10am-5pm

  • Location: Bathrooms Department


    C is for Catalogue

    see the hidden content.

    We'll show you how to use the virtual content of the
    catalogue at its best. With augmented reality
    demonstrations you you get familiar with the IKEA 2015 catalogue,
    it's that time of year again!

  • Saturday 13th September 11am-4pm

  • Sunday 14th September 11am-4pm

  • Location: Living Rooms Department

    W is for Wardrobe

    There's space for everything - we promise

    Having a well-organised wardrobe where you can find everything easily in the morning helps you to start the day better. If you’ve always wanted to unlock the key to effortless dressing, then don’t miss this.

  • Saturday 13th September 11am/ 1pm / 3pm

  • Sunday 14th September 11am/ 1pm / 3pm

  • Location: Bedrooms Department

    Don't miss the IKEA FAMILY seminar
    Whether it’s waking up after a restful night’s sleep, or being able to find your hairbrush in the morning, we’ve got loads of tips and ideas to help you start and end each day better.

    Attend an IKEA FAMILY exclusive interior design tour of our Bedrooms department. Along with an IKEA interior designer and a Bedroom Specialist you'll gain an inside look into how we create our roomsets to provide you with solutions for your bedroom woes. You will also have the option to speak to our team about your own ideas.

    What's more you will receive a free breakfast and a goodie bag!

    Spaces are limited so make sure you sign up today.

    IKEA FAMILY offers
    The below offers are reserved to IKEA FAMILY members, are valid only in store, on 13th and 14th September and until stocks last.

    KNAPPER standing mirror
    IKEA FAMILY price
    Regular price £45
    Product information

    EKNE mirror
    IKEA FAMILY price
    Regular price £40
    Product information

    SKOGHALL bedside table
    IKEA FAMILY price
    Regular price £15
    Product information

    ROSALI bedspread 280x260cm
    IKEA FAMILY price
    Regular price £45

    ALSLEV rug flatwoven
    IKEA FAMILY price
    Regular price £15
    Product information

    LEDARE LED bulb E27
    IKEA FAMILY buy 3 and get 4
    Regular price each £3.50
    Product information

    Mattress protector
    IKEA FAMILY price: £6
    Normal price: £8
    Inner cushion
    IKEA FAMILY price: 75p
    Normal price: £1.50
    Cushion cover
    IKEA FAMILY price: £1.75
    Normal price: £3
    Storage Case, Black
    IKEA FAMILY price: £5.50
    Normal price: £7.50