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The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

IKEA Nottingham | Restaurant

Bacon roll
Bacon roll for 95p until 11am Start the day with our delicious bacon roll for just
Enjoy one of our fresh breakfast pastries for £1.35 each Assortment of fresh pastries for £1.35 each
Toast 30p for 2 slices
Breakfast cereal
Breakfast cereal £1.50 Assortment of breakfast cereals £1.50 each
Breakfast fruit
Fresh mixed
fruit salad
Fresh mixed fruit salad £2.30
Kids breakfast
Kids breakfast Kids 3 item breakfast for only £1.15
Vegetarian option available.
9 Item breakfast
9 item English breakfast IKEA FAMILY price: £2.25
Normal price £2.75
Vegetarian option available.

Salmon fillet
Salmon fillet with lemon and dill sauce £5.95 Served with lemon and dill sauce
Butternut squash Gnocchi
Vegetarian butternut squash gnocchi - IKEA FAMILY price: £2.75 IKEA FAMILY price: £2.75
Normal price £2.95
Beef in Chipotle sauce
Beef in Chipotle sauce £7.25 £7.25
Vegetable Tikka Pie
Vegetable Tikka Pie £3.25 - suitable for vegetarians Served with Raita, mango chutney and poppadoms
Dark salted
caramel cheesecake
Dark salted caramel cheesecake £1.75
Creamy sweetcorn
Creamy sweetcorn soup £1.75
Seasonal sandwich Cheese and apple chutney
Gravad Lax
Gravad Lax wrap £2.25

Organic macaroni
Organic macaroni cheese £1.50
Kids Meatballs
Kids meatballs With creamy mashed potato: £1.90
Fish and chips
Kids fish and chips meal £1.50
made with 100% fish fillet
Kids snack box
Kids snack box Sandwhich, drink, snacks and fruit for just £2.50
FREE Baby Food
FREE Baby Food With every purchase in the Restaurant over £2.75
FREE Fruit
FREE Fruit For kids, with any kids' meal.
Chocolate mousse £1
Half portion?
Half price!
Need a half portion? - just ask! Most of our adult dishes are able to be ordered as a half portion for the little ones. Just ask a member of staff.

Swedish apple cake
Swedish apple cake £1.60
Krokant cake
Krokant cake £1.75

Chickpea Byrani
Chickpea Byrani Perfect for vegeterians
Mediterranean Conchiglie
Mediterranean Conchiglie £2.95
Salmon and spinach lasagne
Salmon and spinach lasagne Normal price: £4.95
Swedish meatballs
Swedish meatballs £3.90 (for 10)
£4.50 (for 15)
£5.80 (for 20)

UTZ Certified Coffee
UTZ certified coffee Trace your UTZ certified coffee available in our Swedish Food Market More information
Organic Food
Organic Food 15% of the range we sell in our Swedish Food Market is organic! More information
Responsibly Sourced Seafood
Responsibly Sourced Seafood We are committed not to purchase fish from endangered stocks. More information
Natural ingredients
Natural ingredients We want to support and encourage organic farming by offering organic food to our customers. More information

Quorn Hotdog
Try our new Quorn vegetarian hotdog for only 70p
Hot drink & 2 doughnuts
Hot drink & 2 doughnuts for only 95p.
Try our new milkshakes for just £1. Available in vanilla, banana, strawberry or chocolate!
Hot dog and soft drink
Grab a delicious hot dog & soft drink for just £1.10.