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Length: 133 cm Width: 37 cm Height: 75 cm
Width: 70 cm Depth: 73 cm Seat width: 57 cm
Width: 90 cm Depth: 37 cm Height: 197 cm
Width: 35 cm Depth: 30 cm Height: 35 cm
Width: 45 cm Depth: 60 cm Height: 55 cm
Width: 89 cm Depth: 36 cm Height: 90 cm
Width: 39 cm Depth: 41 cm Height: 53 cm
Width: 40 cm Depth: 48 cm Height: 78 cm
Length: 190 cm Width: 135 cm Thickness: 3.5 cm
Length: 200 cm Width: 150 cm Thickness: 3.5 cm
Width: 100 cm Depth: 47 cm Height: 58 cm
Width: 40 cm Depth: 30 cm Height: 192 cm
Length: 206 cm Width: 16 mm Depth: 36 mm
Width: 59.4 cm Depth: 56.7 cm Height: 58.9 cm
Width: 59.5 cm Depth: 46.8 cm Height: 39.7 cm
Length: 90 cm Width: 90 cm Height: 74 cm
Tested for: 100 kg Width: 48 cm Depth: 46 cm
Length: 138 cm Width: 38 cm Height: 45 cm
Width: 12 cm Height: 18 cm Weight: 700 g
Diameter: 40 cm Height: 24 cm
Pillowcase quantity: 4 pack Quilt cover length: 200 cm Quilt cover width: 200 cm
Bedspread length: 280 cm Bedspread width: 260 cm Cushion cover length: 40 cm
Pillowcase quantity: 2 pack Quilt cover length: 200 cm Quilt cover width: 150 cm
Weigth.: 140 g/m² Width: 140 cm Area: 1.40 m²
Length: 140 cm Width: 80 cm Area: 1.12 m²
Length: 46 cm Width: 53 cm Thickness: 18 mm
Width: 51 cm Depth: 63 cm Seat width: 37 cm
Width: 27 cm Depth: 27 cm Height: 35 cm
Width: 35 cm Depth: 10 cm Height: 10 cm

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British beef picanha steak
With Dauphinoise potatoes,
green beans and seasonal sauce



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If you need some help getting your purchases home, we have teamed up with Hertz 24/7 to offer you a convenient van rental service.

IKEA FAMILY price: £10/hour + fuel charge
(Minimum rental time is two hours)
Regular price: £13/hour + fuel charge.

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