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IKEA Leeds | IKEA food

Wednesday 13th August 2014 6.00pm
Swedish celebration
Why not join us for an evening as we celebrate the Crayfish season, on Wednesday 13th August at 6.00pm. Join in on the fun!

Adult price: £9.50
IKEA FAMILY member price: £6.75
Kid's price (12yrs & under): £4.50

Tickets include an all-you-can-eat buffet and soft drinks. *Alcoholic beverages sold separately.

Tickets will be available in-store from the 5th July!

Bacon sandwich Start the day with our delicious bacon sandwich.
Price 95p
Kids breakfast (3-items)
Served Monday to Friday until 11am.
Price £1.15
Breakfast fruit
Breakfast fruit compote Served Monday to Friday until 11am.
Price £1.25
English breakfast
English breakfast (9-items) (9-items)
Served Monday to Friday until 11am.
IKEA FAMILY price £2.25
Normal price £2.75

Minestrone soup
Minestrone soup Price £1.75
Add a bread roll for 45p.
Tomato and
mozzarella salad
Tomato and mozzarella salad Served with fresh basil.
Price £1.95
Gravadlax wrap
Gravadlax wrap Freshly prepared using responsibly sourced gravadlax.
Price £2.25
Chickpea biryani
Chickpea biryani Price £2.25
Gravadlax Marinated and smoked salmon.
Price £2.75
Seasonal sandwich
Seasonal sandwich Choose from brie, grape and cranberry, chicken, lettuce and tomato or prawn mayonnaise.
Mediterranean conchiglie
Mediterranean conchiglie Price £2.95
Prawn & egg
Prawn & egg sandwich Served on rye bread.
Price £3.10
Swedish meatballs 10 for Price £3.90
15 for Price £4.50
20 for Price £5.80
Salmon and
spinach lasagne
Salmon and spinach lasagne Price £4.25
Fish and
Fish and chips Served with fresh peas.
Price £4.75
Salmon with hollandaise sauce
Salmon with hollandaise sauce Salmon fillets and vegetable medallions served with hollandaise sauce.
Price £4.95

Kids organic
Kids organic pasta Served in a cheese and tomato sauce.
Price £1.25
Kids fish
Kids fish goujons Made with 100% fish fillet.
Price £1.50
Kids chicken nuggets
Kids chicken nuggets Made with 100% chicken breasts.
Price £1.59
Kids meatballs
Kids meatballs Served with chips or mashed potatoes.
Price £1.90
Free fruit
Free fruit for kids with any kids' meal.
Organic drinks
Organic drinks Price £1.25 each
Kids lunch box
Kids lunch box Price £2.65
Free baby food
Free baby food with every purchase in the restaurant over.
Price £2.75
truffle cake
Chocolate truffle cake Served with fresh whipped vanilla sauce.
Price 95p
Rice pudding
Rice pudding Seasonal pudding.
Price £1.50
Sicilian lemon tart
Sicilian lemon tart Seasonal tart.
Price £1.60
Krokant cake Unique to IKEA Food.
Price £1.75
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Hot smoked salmon
Smoking preserves and flavours. Serve on toast or crispbread, with boiled potatoes and creamed spinach, or with fresh pasta.
Smoked salmon
Smoking preserves and flavours. Serve on a slice of bread or with boiled potatoes, SÅS SENAP & DILL, dill and lemon.
Marinated salmon
Marinating preserves and flavours. Salmon meat contains Omega 3. Serve on a slice of bread or with boiled potatoes.
Najad salmon
Not marinated or smoked – but both! Serve with boiled potatoes or on a slice of bread with dill.
Special offer
Special offer Buy any 2 salmon packets, frozen and save 15%
Special offer
Special offer Buy hot dogs, hot dog rolls and pickled gherkins.
Offer price £5.00
Normal price £5.40
Special offer
Special offer Buy 2x OST LAGRAD, semi-hard cheese.
Offer price £5.00
Normal price £5.40
Special offer
Special offer Buy Meatballs and 2x cream sauce.
Offer price £5.10
Normal price £6
Add lingonberry jam £1.65
UTZ certified coffee
Trace your UTZ certified coffee available in our Swedish Food Market Find out more
Organic food
15% of the range we sell in our Swedish Food Market is organic! Find out more
Responsibly sourced seafood
We are committed not to purchase fish from endangered stocks. Find out more
Natural ingredients
We want to support and encourage organic farming by offering organic food to our customers. Find out more

Ice cream
Ice cream Price 45p
Add a flake for 15p
Cinnamon bun
Cinnamon bun Eatten traditionally for Swedish FIKA.
Price 50p
Hot drink & 2 doughnuts
Hot drink & 2 doughnuts Select from a choice of chocolate sprinkles or cinnamon.
Price 95p
Soft drink
Soft drink Free refills
Price 70p
Milkshake Available in vanilla, strawberry or chocolate!
Price £1
Quorn hot dog
Quorn hot dog A delicious vegetarian hot dog available with ketchup and mustard.
Price 70p
Hot dog and soft drink
Hot dog and soft drink A delicious pork and beef hot dog and soft drink with free refills.
Price £1.10
8 Meatballs combination offer
8 Meatballs combination offer 8 Meatballs, a cinnamon bun and a soft drink.
Price £2.75