Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.


Porridge £1.50
Kids breakfast
Kids breakfast Kids 3 item breakfast for only £1.15 Vegetarian option available.
6 Item breakfast
6 Item breakfast IKEA FAMILY price:

Normal price £2.25 Vegetarian option available.
9 Item breakfast
9 Item breakfast IKEA FAMILY price:

Normal price £2.75 Vegetarian option available.
Toast 30p for 2 slices
Bacon roll
Bacon roll Start the day with our delicious bacon roll for just
Fresh mixed fruit salad
Fresh mixed fruit salad £2.30
Breakfast pastries
Breakfast pastries Assortment of fresh pastries for £1.35 each

Swedish meatballs
Swedish meatballs £3.80 (for 10)
£4.80 (for 15)
Prawn & Egg Sandwich
Prawn & Egg Sandwich for only
Gravad Lax
Gravad Lax £2.75
Seasonal soup
Seasonal soup £1.75
Add a roll for 50p
Fish & Chips
Fish & Chips Oven baked battered cod, served with fresh peas. Price
Salmon fillet
Salmon fillet Served with hollandaise sauce
Beef in provincial sauce
Vegetable Kerala Curry
Vegetable Kerala Curry IKEA FAMILY PRICE:
Regular price: £2.95

Suitable for vegetarians

Kids Meatballs
Kids Meatballs With creamy mashed potato: £1.90
Fish and chips
Fish and chips £1.50
made with 100% fish fillet
Kids chicken chunks
Kids chicken chunks £1.50
Made with Halal meat
Free wi-fi
Free wi-fi We now offer free wi-fi access throughout the store - so why not browse while enjoying your meal.
Kids lunch box
Kids lunch box £2.65
FREE baby food
FREE baby food Free baby food with every adult meal purchased
*Subject to availability.
FREE fruit
FREE fruit for kids with any kids' meal

Swedish apple cake
Swedish apple cake £1.60
Krokant cake
Krokant cake £1.75
Blueberry cheesecake
Blueberry cheesecake £1.75
Kids Toffee Crisp
Kids Toffee Crisp £1

Meatball Offer
Meatball Offer 8 meatballs, a cinnamon bun and soft drink for
Ice cream cone
Ice cream cone Pick up an Ice cream for only
Hot drink & 2 doughnuts
Hot drink & 2 doughnuts Hot drink & 2 doughnuts for just
Cinnamon bun
Cinnamon bun 6 cinnamon buns for just

Hot smoked salmon
Hot smoked salmon Smoking preserves and flavours. Serve on toast or crispbread, with boiled potatoes and creamed spinach, or with fresh pasta.
Smoked salmon
Smoked salmon Smoking preserves and flavours. Serve on a slice of bread or with boiled potatoes, SÅS SENAP & DILL, dill and lemon.
Marinated salmon
Marinated salmon Marinating preserves and flavours. Salmon meat contains Omega 3. Serve on a slice of bread or with boiled potatoes.
Najad salmon
Najad salmon Not marinated or smoked – but both! Serve with boiled potatoes or on a slice of bread with dill.
UTZ certified coffee
UTZ certified coffee Trace your UTZ certified coffee available in our Swedish Food Market Find out more
Organic food
Organic food 15% of the range we sell in our Swedish Food Market is organic! Find out more
Responsibly sourced seafood
Responsibly sourced seafood We are committed not to purchase fish from endangered stocks. Find out more
Natural ingredients
Natural ingredients We want to support and encourage organic farming by offering organic food to our customers. Find out more