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IKEA Tottenham l Restaurant

Kids breakfast
Kids 3 item breakfast for only £1.15 Mon - Fri 9:30 - 11:00 Sat 9:00 - 11:00.
Selection of pastries from just 50p.
Fruit salad
Enjoy for just £2.30.
Breakfast fruit compote
Served Monday to Friday until 11:00.
Cinnamon bun
English breakfast
(9 items) Served Monday to Friday until 11:00.
IKEA FAMILY price £2.25
Ordinary price £2.75
FREE tea or coffee
With your IKEA FAMILY card, Monday to Friday. Join now IKEA FAMILY

 A taste of Sweden - Swedish meatballs
With pepper and tomato.
Tomato and Mozzarella Salad
Served with fresh basil.
Sweet potato soup
bread roll 50p
Marinated and smoked salmon.
Prawn and egg sandwich
Served on rye bread.
Najad salmon
Smoked salmon served with marinated root vegatables.
Salmon and spinach lasagne
IKEA FAMILY price: £3.50
Normal price: £4.25
Fish and chips
Served with fresh peas.
Slow cooked beef medallion
IKEA FAMILY price: £6.50
Normal price: £7.25
Smoked salmon and bean salad
Krokant cake
Hand finished strawberry tart
Seasonal tart. £1.80
Rice pudding
Seasonal pudding.
Chocolate truffle cake
Served with fresh whipped vanilla sauce.

Dricka coffee bar
DRICKA coffee bar
We love coffee and everything that goes with it, that's why we have created a vibrant and inviting space, with a warm and welcoming atomosphere.This coffee bar area is exclusive to IKEA Tottenham. A space where you can feel comfortable meeting your friends, grabbing a bite to eat or just relaxing with a book.

Choose from a range of:

  • Coffees
  • Herbal Teas
  • Frappes
  • Cakes
  • Sandwiches

  • Now just make a decision, what do you fancy having today?

    Try one of our delicious Frappe's
    We are waiting for the whole family
    The whole family is welcome in our Restaurant. To keep the little ones happy we have highchairs, changing areas and a play area.

    Among the Swedish-style dishes and local specials on the menu you’ll find healthy, organic and vegetarian options, so everyone leaves satisfied.

    Kid's meatballs
    with creamy mashed potato.
    Kid's chicken nuggets
    made with 100% chicken breast.
    Kid's fish goujons
    made with 100% fish fillet.
    A FREE fruit
    for kids with any kid's meal.
    Kids organic pasta
    Served in a cheese and tomato sauce.
    Organic drinks
    £1.25 each.

    The menu in the restaurant may vary throughout the week.

    Quorn Hotdog
    Try our new Quorn vegetarian hotdog for only 70p.
    Hotdog and soft drink
    Grab a delicious hot dog and soft drink for only £1.10.
    Cinnamon buns
    4 cinnamon buns.
    Normal price £2
    Offer price £1.50.
    Try our vanilla, orange mint, strawberry or chocolate milkshakes for only £1.
    NEW orange and mint milkshake
    Hot drink and 2 doughnuts
    Ice cream
    Soft drink
    Free refills.
    Take home a taste of Easter

    We have a great selection of Swedish food delicacies in our Swedish Food Market.
    Take our products at home with you to enjoy them whenever you want, not only in our Restaurant.

    Our Swedish Food Market is just after the checkouts.

    A uniquely Swedish soft drink, traditionally consumed around Easter.
    Chocolate eggs with a creamy butterscotch filling.
    £1.99 200g
    Banana and vanilla flavoured marshmallow chickens. 60p
    Paper eggs in assorted colours. Fill with candy and present as an Easter gift - or keep it all to yourself! 99p
    The long time favourite Ahlgrens cars are temporary back. Same great taste as before.
    £1.85 200g
    POLLY Chewy chocolate candy
    One of Sweden’s most popular candy – Polly is back in the range again. This is a chewy candy covered in chocolate. £3.95 400g

    Special offer
    Buy any 2 salmon packets, frozen and save 15%
    Special offer
    Buy one of each. Hot dogs, hot dog rolls and pickled gherkins. Normal price: £5.40 Offer price: £5
    Special offer
    Buy Meatballs & 2x cream sauce. Normal price: £6
    Offer price: £5.10
    Special offer
    Buy any three marinated herring. Regular price £3.45 IKEA FAMILY price: £2.95 More info
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    Bread and dairy
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    Sauces, jam and condiments
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    Pastries, desserts and cookies
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    Sweets and snacks
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    Cool bags and cookbooks
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    Hot smoked salmon
    Smoking preserves and flavours. Serve on toast or crispbread, with boiled potatoes and creamed spinach, or with fresh pasta.
    Smoked salmon
    Smoking preserves and flavours. Serve on a slice of bread or with boiled potatoes, SÅS SENAP & DILL, dill and lemon.
    Marinated salmon
    Marinating preserves and flavours. Salmon meat contains Omega 3. Serve on a slice of bread or with boiled potatoes.
    Najad salmon
    Not marinated or smoked – but both! Serve with boiled potatoes or on a slice of bread with dill.