Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

IKEA Tottenham l Offers & Activities

January IKEA FAMILY offers
Here are some of the offers for our IKEA FAMILY members. These are valid only in IKEA Tottenham, from 1st until 31s January 2014.
Width: 40 cm Depth: 21 cm Height: 64 cm
Width: 59.5 cm Depth: 46.8 cm Height: 39.7 cm
Depth: 49 cm Seat width: 42 cm Seat height: 48 cm / 48 cm
Width: 44 cm Depth: 30 cm Height: 91 cm
Pillowcase quantity: 4 pack Quilt cover length: 220 cm Quilt cover width: 240 cm
Diameter: 8 cm Height: 8 cm Burning time: 17 hr
Depth: 39 cm Height: 147 cm Width: 77 cm

SNYGGIS is a limited collection, available in IKEA Tottenham.
Hurry up, it's so lovely that it will end very soon!

SNYGGIS Side plate
21cm, white/pink.

SNYGGIS Bath mat
74x68cm, heart-shaped pink.
SNYGGIS Baking cup
Assorted colours, 65 pack.
SNYGGIS Gift bag for bottle
Assorted designs.
SNYGGIS Teacup with saucer
36cl, white/pink.
30cl, white/pink.

SNYGGIS Paper napkin
33X33cm, 30 pack.

10X15cm, assorted patterns.

A fun day out
for the whole family
We are a family friendly store and we have facilities to help you have a fun time.
Free family parking
We have family parking spaces at the store. All parking is free and there's no maximum stay limit.
Outdoor play area
Stop by the unsupervised play area at the entrance for some fun.
Play areas
Play areas are in Children's IKEA department and throughout the store.
Baby changing facilities
We have facilities and nappies to help you comfortably change your baby.

In the restaurant
Have a small seat
We supply highchairs and FREE bibs and cutlery.
Prepare their dinner
Feel free to use our baby bottle warming stations and microwave.
Nursing oasis
Here's a bit of privacy.
Play area
While you eat, kids can play in the unsupervised restaurant play area.