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IKEA Croydon | Restaurant

NEW veggie balls!

The New Veggie Ball GRÖNSAKSBULLAR, is packed with quality ingredients like peas, carrots, bell peppers, corn and kale.

A plateful of vitamins and nutrients, rolled up in a tasty little ball.

• Good protein level
• Lower environmental impact
• Lower carbon footprint
• Fresh local ingredients.

Kids breakfast
Kids 3 item breakfast for only 99p
Mon - Fri 9:30 - 11:00 Sat 9:00 - 11:00.
Bacon roll
Start the day with our delicious bacon roll and a coffee.
Selection of pastries from just 50p.
Two breakfast pancakes £1.50

Chunky vegetable soup
Served with bread roll. £2.35
A variety of sandwiches to choose from.
Prawn and egg sandwich
Served on rye bread.
Swedish meatballs
With mashed potatoes and lingonberry.
15 for £4.80
20 for £5.80
Najad salmon
Smoked salmon served with marinated root vegatables.
Fish and chips
Served with fresh peas.
Add a garlic ciabatta
Two slices for 85p
Add a scoop of peas
to your meal for 50p
Add a side salad
to your meal for£2.50
ÖL LJUS LAGER (4.7%). £2.35/0.33l
Krokant cake
with cream
Swedish apple cake
Your restaurant table is waiting
To keep the little ones happy we have highchairs, changing areas and a TV area, plus FREE organic baby food with any adult meal purchased. Among the Swedish-style dishes and local specials on the menu you’ll find healthy, organic and vegetarian options, so everyone leaves satisfied.

Kid's organic mac and cheese
Kid's fish and chips
Adult half portion. Served with fresh peas.
Kid's meatballs
with chips or mashed potatoes and peas.
Baby food
FREE fruit
for each kid with any kid's meal.
Organic drinks
£1.85 each
Kid's lunch box
Contains 6 items, including a bread roll, drink, fruit and raisins.
FREE organic baby food
when you purchase any adult main meal in our restaurant.

The menu in the restaurant may vary throughout the week.

Ice cream
Hot drink and 2 doughnuts
Select from a choice of chocolate sprinkles or cinnamon.
Soft drink
Free refills.
Available in strawberry, chocolate or blueberry.
Quorn hot dog
A delicious vegetarian hot dog.

Special offer
Meatballs 1kg, mashed potatoe and cream sauce. Offer price £5.99
Normal price £6.85
Special offer
4 chocolate bars
Offer price £2
Normal price £2.60
Special offer
Two TÅRTA CHOKLADKROKANT, almondcake chocolate and butterscotch cake.
Offer price £6
Normal price £7
Easy to prepare
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Meat, fish and seafood
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Bread and dairy
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Sauces, jam and condiments
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Pastries, desserts and cookies
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Sweets and snacks
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Cool bags and cookbooks
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Hot smoked salmon
Smoking preserves and flavours. Serve on toast or crispbread, with boiled potatoes and creamed spinach, or with fresh pasta.
Smoked salmon
Smoking preserves and flavours. Serve on a slice of bread or with boiled potatoes, dill and lemon.
Marinated salmon
Marinating preserves and flavours. Salmon meat contains Omega 3. Serve on a slice of bread or with boiled potatoes.
Najad salmon
Not marinated or smoked – but both! Serve with boiled potatoes or on a slice of bread with dill.
UTZ certified coffee
Trace your UTZ certified coffee available in our Swedish Food Market Read more
Organic food
15% of the range we sell in our Swedish Food Market is organic! Read more
Responsibly sourced seafood
We are committed not to purchase fish from endangered stocks. Read more
Natural ingredients
We want to support and encourage organic farming by offering organic food to our customers. Read more