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Cooking together with friends. When we cook together, we make more than just food


The kitchen is a great place to come together to try exciting new recipes. But if cooking isn’t your strong suit, fear not, there’s room for all sorts of skills. Whether you’re a super-quick slicer or a born entertainer, there’s plenty you can bring to the table.Take a look at some of the utensils that go well in this type of kitchen.

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Products in this room


IKEA LÄMPLIG chopping board The weight provides a stable base for cutting.


IKEA SPRITTA apple slicer Can also be used for slicing onions into wedges, etc.

IKEA 365+

IKEA IKEA 365+ dry food jar with lid Suitable for storing dry foodstuffs.

IKEA PS 2017

IKEA IKEA PS 2017 vase, set of 3 Handmade; each vase has been shaped by a skilled craftsman.

IKEA PS 2017

IKEA IKEA PS 2017 floor lamp


IKEA BEHAGA side plate


IKEA BLANDA MATT serving bowl


IKEA MÖRBYLÅNGA table The plank expression is enhanced by the design on the edges.


IKEA LEIFARNE chair The self-adjusting plastic feet adds stability to the chair.

IKEA PS 2017

IKEA IKEA PS 2017 2-seat sofa The anti-slip backing keeps the cushions firmly in place.


IKEA IKEA PS MASKROS pendant lamp Gives decorative patterns on the ceiling and on the wall.


IKEA ÄMTEVIK lamp shade The shade is easy to keep clean because the fabric is machine washable.


IKEA IKEA PS FEJÖ self-watering plant pot The self-watering insert keeps the soil moist.

IKEA PS 2017

IKEA IKEA PS 2017 side table/stool  Easy to assemble without tools or screws.