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Bedding Sets

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Explore our duvet covers and bedding sets

Comfort for a good night's sleep is what counts most when it comes to duvet covers and pillowcases. Here you'll find a big choice, including extra soft materials like densely woven cotton percale, to help you find what suits you. We also have a wide range of looks too, so you can go for what you like today and change it whenever you fancy.

Comfort for the body and mind

Lyocell is a renewable, cellulose fibre, made from 100% wood pulp. Its kind to the environment, using less water to produce than cotton. Lyocell draws moisture away. Keeping you comfy and dry all night. So you (and your conscience) can rest easy.

View our Lyocell bedding

Snuggle up to cool comfort

Linen is made of crisp fibres from flax plants that have a slightly irregular surface, giving linen its distinct structure and subtle lustre. Linen fabric is hardwearing and naturally protected against stains. And since it is highly breathable you can snuggle up while staying cool.

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