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Alarm clocks

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Find an alarm clock here

If you find yourself running for the bus with your cereal bowl in your hand, try an alarm clock from our range. We have a choice of styles, including a retro option with real bells. If you're into digital alarm clocks, we have an option with a snooze function that sounds every five minutes so you get a little more time in bed.

Alarm clocks really help you a lot to manage your time without stressing. Our range has many to choose from that are not only functional but also stylish. Like DEKAD, with a frame in black steel and a classic look.


IKEA DEKAD alarm clock No disturbing ticking sounds since the clock has a silent quartz movement.


IKEA KLOCKIS clock/thermometer/alarm/timer


IKEA LÖTTORP clock/thermometer/alarm/timer


IKEA VIKIS alarm clock The background light means you can see the time even in the dark.
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