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A film showing six men in white clothes hanging 12 diverse posters from internationally known artists that is a part of a limited edition collection at IKEA.

IKEA presents ART EVENT 2017 - a limited edition collection featuring 12 diverse posters from internationally known artists that all ex-press themselves through drawing. With ART EVENT 2017 we continue our mission to make great art accessible for everyone.


Available from April

A poster with scattered colourful flowers, green leaves, grass and fruit on a black background. Beside the poster is a toilet with eyes and a big open mouth drawn at the tank.


Micha Payer and Martin Gabriel are renowned for combining one category with another in a transgressing way. They attribute their recognition in the art world to a simple approach that attempts to solve what is often complex subject matter.

From their studio in Vienna, Micha and Martin create meticulous drawings to reflect an array of different worlds. “We draw with pencils and crayons,” says Micha. “The pencil is a very basic instrument, familiar to everyone since childhood, but at the same time you can do very elaborate things with it.”

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A poster featuring a creature with human legs and a body consisting of differet animal heads.


Hell’O is composed of two outstanding artistic talents that emerged almost twenty years ago in Brussels. Jérôme Meynen and Antoine Detaille have produced an astonishing array of drawings featuring creatures that may at first seem graphically pleasing and simply imaginative, but who on closer examination often reveal profound symbolism. “We try to translate and merge our separate visions into the same drawing,” says Antoine. “Most importantly, we hope it makes you smile.”


A poster featuring a drawing of a man with a long nose standing with his arms and legs in the position of a shelf for books and picture frames.


Jean Jullien is a French graphic artist currently living in Los Angeles, where he continues to develop his observational, critical and playful style of illustrations. “I try to capture moments that people react to, to establish a connection with the viewer,” he says.

Jean espouses a humorous reflection of the times that we live in. “My work is much like journalism,” he says. “I observe what is around me and try to sum it up into visual articles or stories.”

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A poster featuring a labyrinth with surreal and whimsical creatures, such as a pigs head with human eyes, a body-builder with a rabbits head and dogs with robbers mask.


Amandine Urruty is a French-born master of traditional drawing, known for her ability to create cheerful galleries of deviant beasts. She has gained global attention by creating a distinct dream-like style by combining the bizarre with highly structured and detailed compositions.

Amandine has the ability to combine extremes - often reconciling grotesque outfits with baroque decorum. A believer in ghosts, she has described her work as a mental whimsical labyrinth, a reflection of one’s imaginary life, from dreams to cute nightmares – “a kind of ragout, mixing antique toys and medieval bestiaries…slimy monsters and lots of love.”

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A poster featuring a girl sitting by a dining table covered with grass, plants and flowers. There are cups, plates, coffee pots and a big bear hiding in the grass.


Joanna Concejo has inspired art lovers from around the world with her extraordinary charcoal illustrations. Her grandmother, a passionate storyteller, sparked her imagination and desire to create a mystical and fable-like universe combining enigmatic creatures and characters.

When asked about the subject matter for her work, she responds “It’s personal. I’m never quite sure what will appear in my art and I’m often surprised myself.”

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A colourful watercolour drawing with monster characters in different shapes stacked on top of each other.


Kevin Lyons is an illustrator, designer and creative director renowned for his trademark, artistic Monsters. His background includes work for some of the world’s most visually progressive companies, including market leaders like Nike, Converse, Adidas, Google TV and now, IKEA.

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A poster with wavy square-pattern in pink, black with purple dots and an imaginary band name, Naive suave.


Koen Taselaar uses several media as artistic ‘canvases’, including drawings, illustrations, collages, sculpture, and even typography. He is described as a creative mastermind, or as one critic put it, “his raw talent, creativity, and obvious passion for the art is undeniable”.

His often complex and intricate work displays a rigorous attention to detail. “The fact that you only need something to draw with and a surface makes it possible to work everywhere,” he says. Approaching recognisable themes from art history in a lighthearted manner, Koen has been nominated for artistic awards across several platforms.

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A poster featuring a hand with a white glove holding a spanner, a paint brush, a sickle and three credit cards. Around the arm is a banner that says, Life is pay the bill.


Themes of rejection and success permeate Hahan’s highly regarded works, which draw inspiration from underground comics and street art as well as Japanese mythology.

When asked what three things are most important to him, he cites imagination, freedom and hunger. “Imagination is an important part of the process and the development of my creative work,” he says. “Freedom gives me a broad sense of possibility of what I can do in life, and hunger is vital for me to remain creative and survive in an increasingly competitive world.”

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A poster with a stone house in the middle of the forest with a black sun in the sky and two people standing in front of the house.


Born in the north of Sweden, this enigmatic artist has described his art as a mix of the Brothers Grimm and Tove Jansson. Yet on closer examination there is a playful glint in the eyes of his subjects that shatters the initial sense of gloom. It is this mix of heavy metal influences and boyish charm that has created a particular niche for Ragnar in the drawing sphere. “I wouldn’t say I have artistic talent,” he says. “I don’t have that really. I enjoy doing art more than being good at it.”

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A poster featuring a grey skull with unicorns, buddha-figures, pink and turquoise dragons and other fantasy creatures popping out of the skull.


Japanese artist Yasuto Sasada takes ancient beliefs and myths and visually retells their story in a contemporary way. His highly regarded works often focus on creatures whose lives have been regenerated by having a machine installed in their bodies. Tigers, toki, crayfish and other creatures reinvigorated with fantastic technology are his favourite subjects.

Incredible detail allows the viewer to experience Yasuto’s creatures of imagination as living and breathing entities, where the viewer’s senses are heightened and ideally a new dimension is realised. “I do not make a plan of a drawing, but just do it intuitively when the idea comes to mind “he says.

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A poster with entwined wormlike creatures with palm tree heads in pastel colours.


Steven Harrington revels in the blending of nature with the urban landscape. “It’s a friendly reminder of all the beauty of the things around us that we stop seeing over time,” he says.

“If I wasn’t an artist I would try to become a forest park ranger…and probably dream about making art.”

An advocate of the contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop aesthetic, he creates everything from large-scale installations to skateboards and sculptures.
“To me, a simple piece of paper and pencil is where it all starts. From there it’s just endless possibilities and can turn into anything. Drawing is magic and I just love this idea. It’s infinite.”

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A poster in black and white with quotes and drawn women and men in different situations.


Amit Greenberg’s work seeks to channel what he calls ‘the energy from nature around us’ into his art. Using a variety of media, Amit expresses his desire to alter reality into a fantastic place. “Art isn’t a luxury, it is a state of mind, a documentation of reality, a pathway for new dreams and inspirations,” he says.

His restless spirit and love of ritual and ceremony has taken him from the city streets to the desert. It is nature itself, with what he calls its ‘endless behaviours, movements, forms, and textures’ that inspires him.

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