Unwind at the flick of a switch

25 November 2016

With a bit of  imagination, your home can become a tranquil haven. And with some clever lighting choices you can highlight the things you are most proud of too.

"Creating the right lighting in your living room can help you unwind in the evening, whether you like to read, knit or just watch some good old fashioned TV."
Marie Tenglund, Stylist

Our eyes are naturally drawn to lighter points in a room. So, by switching from “library light” to “gallery light” you can completely change the look and feel of your space.

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A concentrated beam of light creates the best mood for reading or knitting, whilst lighting up your cosy corner in a welcoming

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Using integrated lighting solutions helps to highlight your favourite items on display. What’s more, they can create an effective mood light when lights are turned down low.