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Time to tame the toys

01 September 2015

Living with kids sometimes means it’s pretty easy for the living room to be piled high with toys and projects. That got us thinking how to make a creative solution that let’s kids play and create with the family, but is super easy to pack up and organise (and spare you the late night painful “step on the dinosaur” routine). We call it the “toy taming imagination station”. Come see how we did it.

Create an open-close toy storage solution in your living room using an old wardrobe that’s also got space for drawing, painting and creating.

To make the imagination station we took an old PAX wardrobe (but any wardrobe will do) stripped the inside, leaving a clothes rail on top and put up some woodsy wallpaper. After that we anchored the wardrobe to the wall by drilling in some shelves through to the wall and made a mini desk using a table-top and an extra table leg for support. Then we added plenty of hooks, a stool to sit at and it’s set to fill it with toys. Best of all when you want your living space back, just close the doors and it’s all hidden away. 

“We put this in the living room to give you space for your own activities, while your child will find plenty to keep them busy.”

- Anna, stylist