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Super smart ways to store your food

30 June 2016

We all love to eat, and cooking for fun has become bigger than ever. On the flip side, that can mean an overabundance of food and, unfortunately, a lot of waste. If you need some help streamlining your food storage (and thus cutting down on waste), we’ve got you covered! Here are our best tips.

A collage of food stored in plastic containers, plastic bins and in pots on a counter top.
The drawers of a freezer are pulled out to reveal perfectly organised and labeled packages.

1. KEEP IT FRESH, KEEP IT LABELLED. One of the easiest ways to store your food and cut down on waste is to freeze it in serving sizes. Airtight bags make it simple to find what you’re looking for in an over-stuffed freezer and are easy to mark with a use-by date.

2. TAKE A CUE FROM YOUR GRANDMA AND EMBRACE THE PANTRY. Veggies like potatoes and onions stay freshest in a cool, dark place, so keep them stored in the cabinet. Stock up on glass and plastic containers for your dry ingredients. Everything will be easy to spot and look really organised.

3. NOT ALL VEGGIES LOVE THE FRIDGE. In fact, many thrive just fine on a well-lit counter space. Consider a self-watering pot for herbs (they’ll last so much longer) and a hanging tray (to make the most of your space). The added bonus, of course is that your kitchen will instantly look gorgeous!

A refrigerator is neatly organized with food sorted neatly into clear or labeled containers.

4. IS THERE ANYTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL than an organised refrigerator? Hardly. It’s all about clear, stackable containers, labels, and knowing what goes where to maintain maximum freshness. Keep in mind that when it comes to fruits and vegetables, like likes like. Put similar ones in the same produce drawer and set it to the correct humidity level.

Made by

Interior designer: Nathalie Kamkum
Digital designer: Lasse Johansson
Copywriter: Vanessa Algotsson
Photographer: Mats Ekdahl
Editor: Linda Harkell