Illuminating kitchen lighting

06 March 2016

Why is it that kitchen lighting feels so intimidating? For some reason we all tend to overthink it, assuming it has to be tricky and totally high tech. We say enough of that. It’s time to make kitchen lighting easy stuff.

Mood lights

It’s important to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home, and that goes for the kitchen, too. Display lights in a cabinet help show off your favourite dishware, as well as set the mood. Pro tip: go with glass shelves for the full effect.

Drawer lights

Looking for something? Make it easier on yourself with drawer lighting. You’ll thank us during your next midnight snack run.

Pendant lamps

If you’ve opted for open shelving rather than kitchen cabinets, you might be wondering what lighting is best to replace the traditional under-cabinet lighting. Our favourite is a pendant lamp. It gives off bright and direct light, perfect for preparing food.

Stovetop lighting

Don’t take the stovetop for granted. The prep work might be done, but it’s important to have plenty of light over the cook space, as well. Whether you’ve got a fan, a microwave or, well, nothing over your cooktop, make sure you have some form of direct lighting to ensure safe cooking.

Direct light

A wall spotlight is certainly a less traditional option for the kitchen, but we love it for it’s flexibility. Just direct it wherever you need a bit of extra light focused.