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Ideas for an open wardrobe makeover

17 June 2016

Maxine and Maxwell recently swapped the messy open clothes rails in their partitioned bedroom for two open PAX wardrobes, with drawers, shelves and hanging rails. ‘It’s transformed the space,’ says Maxine. ‘Now, our dressing area feels as calm as our sleeping area.’ From before to after, see how they reorganised their dressing space to make getting ready quicker, easier and more enjoyable.

Before: chaotic clothes rails

‘Maxwell and I had a clothes rail each,’ says Maxine. ‘We chose open storage because, in theory, it’s easy to find your clothes and you can fit more storage into a space. But our rails were overloaded, with no place for shoes. Plus, having only hanging space limited how we could organise our clothes. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy to find what we were looking for.’

After: ordered open wardrobes

We planned a PAX system that suited us using the online planner – it was nice being able to make decisions from home rather than in store. Now, we have a combination of hanging rails, drawers and shelves. Because this solution takes advantage of the ceiling height, we have plenty of space to organise everyday clothes and shoes, while storing seasonal or occasional clothes at the top. No more clothes explosions and a clear floorspace!’


Adding a seat to Maxine’s dressing table has made everyday rituals a nicer experience. ‘Now that the whole space feels more pleasant, putting my make-up on is a bit of “me-time” instead of just a necessity,’ she says.


Swapping plastic and wire hangers for wooden ones instantly makes clothes look more organised. ‘They take up a little more space but they’re better for the clothes and help us avoid packing too much in,’ says Maxine.


By adjusting the shelf heights, it’s easy to include your accessories in your wardrobe plan. ‘Now all my bags are in one place and off the floor, it’s easy to choose which one I want, and they’ll last longer,’ says Maxine. 

‘Spending some time re-organising soon pays off. It took us two hours to plan the wardrobe online and an evening to clear out old clothes, but we reap the benefits every day’

Maxine, architect, UK


Display your accessories in a way that inspires you, like Maxine’s hook-and-wire solution. ‘I love making jewellery and finding statement pieces,’ she says. ‘Seeing them every day makes choosing what to wear more fun.’


Integrated or clamp lighting makes it easier to find things and get dressed on dark mornings or evenings. ‘We chose clamp lights because we can change where we shine them, depending on what we need,’ says Maxine.


Love accessories? Can’t get enough of shoes? Personalise your drawers with inserts that suit you. ‘It’s great knowing that the things I love are protected now, plus they’re displayed in a way that feels special,’ says Maxine.

‘The new wardrobes have transformed our bedroom. It feels more in keeping with the rest of our home – open, but organised and clutter-free!’


Made by

Photography: Michael Sinclair
Styling: Ashlyn Gibson