15 April 2014
Sharing a bathroom can be a squeeze, especially when you’ve only got a few square metres to get ready in. But when you make the most of your walls and nooks, it’s possible to find space where you didn’t even know you had it.
Wall-mounted cabinets high above the sink add valuable storage space for items you don’t use every day. Just make sure you keep a small step stool handy when you need help to reach.

A super-sized mirror can super-size a small space, making it look and feel bigger. This one is big enough for everyone to use, all at the same time.
Drawer dividers section off space and do a brilliant job of keeping each person’s things separate and in place, no matter how many times you open and close the drawer, making it super quick to find what you need.
The wall above the toilet is a perfect space to
make use of. With a mixture of open and closed
storage it’s possible to hide away things you don’t
want on show and keep on display the things you
use more often, making them easy to find when
you need them.