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Easy ways to create a work station at home

01 April 2017
Whether 15 minutes in the kitchen or an hour in front of the TV,
sometimes you have to catch up on work when and where you can.
Don’t let a lack of dedicated home office space stop you. See how you can create three mini offices all over the home.
A laptop resting on a laptop support on top of a table, with a separate keyboard and mouse.
Work needn’t be back breaking. You can raise your laptop to eye level using a laptop support; get yourself a separate keyboard and mouse and create an ergonomic workspace anywhere there’s a table and chair. This laptop support folds flat, so it’s easy to store away when not in use.
Create a part-time perch at a height just right for you. Adjustable shelving allows for endless possibilities, so you can create a mini office space to suit your needs. You can easily customise these affordable shelves to make room for storage. They can even work around the windowsill or other architectural features.