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A living room with the kids

21 October 2016

Love having your family around you in the living room but don’t want to lose your room’s stylish look? It’s a little different, but you could try bringing in a bunk bed. Curious? Come and see.

With lots of cushions and textiles, the cosy bunk bed brings living room seating to new heights. Cuddling, reading a book, digging up dinosaurs, defending a fort—whatever’s going on, there’s plenty of room to spend time together. And it blends in with your living room’s look without feeling like a primary-coloured playground. If anyone needs a nap break, hey, you’re set for that, too! Win, win, right?

Made by

Interior designer: Martina Andersson / Emma Lange
Digital designer: Cecilia Höglund
Copywriter: James Rynd/Marissa Frayer
Photographer: Sandra Werud
Editor: Linda Harkell