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A hotel-style home bedroom

15 October 2016

Ever imagined turning your bedroom into a hotel-style staycation suite? Here’s how to create a relaxing room where you can ‘check in’ whenever you want to ‘check out’ from worry and stress.

MAKE YOUR BED with lots of pillows, layers and textures so you can mix and match until it feels just right. Choose textiles you think are super comfy for a bed you want to dive into and never leave. 

A CALM AND TIDY first impression makes it seem like housekeeping just finished with your room. Closed wardrobes and a chest of drawers let you put things out of sight and out of mind. Similar colours help create harmony, too.

AMP UP THE AMBIENCE and please your senses with fresh flowers and lit candles. For an even more luxurious, getaway feeling, go big with a wall of mirrors.

DO NOT DISTURB. Layered curtains help shut the world out when you want. A sheer interior layer lets natural light in but still creates privacy. A thick curtain on top blocks out much more light and dampens noise.

TREAT YOURSELF to a decadent bedside breakfast, even if you can’t order it from room service. With a tray table, you can easily bring in a full menu from your kitchen without getting crumbs and spills on your sheets.

LOUNGING AROUND in your hotel-style bedroom all day doesn’t mean you have to stay in bed. A seating area with armchairs and a table feels very hotel-like and creates a cosy reading area for a change of indoor scenery.

CUE THE LIGHTS. Ever been in a hotel room with only a ceiling lamp? Exactly. With a combination of table, floor and ceiling lamps, you can control the light to suit different activities.

Made by

Interior designer: Helene Holmstedt / Emma Lange
Digital designer: Cecilia Höglund
Copywriter: Marissa Frayer
Photographer: Malte Danielsson
Editor: Linda Harkell