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Food containers

A lunch that packs more punch

Keep your food deliciously fresh and tasty with our range of affordable food containers. Easy to keep in the fridge or freezer, they're stackable to save precious storage space and transparent so you can easily grab your food and go in the morning rush. We also have a great range of cool bags and flasks ideal for picnics in the park or taking that much needed tea on the bus to work.

FÖRTROLIG food container, clear glass Diameter: 12 cm Height: 7 cm Volume: 0.4 l
food container
Diameter: 12 cm, Height: 7 cm, Volume: 0.4 l
FESTMÅLTID lunch box, green Length: 19 cm Width: 13 cm Height: 6 cm
lunch box
Length: 19 cm, Width: 13 cm, Height: 6 cm
FESTMÅLTID lunch box, green Length: 22 cm Width: 14 cm Height: 7 cm
lunch box
Length: 22 cm, Width: 14 cm, Height: 7 cm
ERFORDERLIG lunch bag, green Length: 24 cm Width: 18 cm Height: 25 cm
lunch bag
Length: 24 cm, Width: 18 cm, Height: 25 cm
KULLAR lunch box, yellow Length: 15 cm Width: 11 cm Height: 8 cm
lunch box
Length: 15 cm, Width: 11 cm, Height: 8 cm
KULLAR lunch box, light blue Length: 23 cm Width: 15 cm Height: 8 cm
lunch box
Length: 23 cm, Width: 15 cm, Height: 8 cm
KULLAR cool bag, beige Length: 22 cm Width: 16 cm Height: 19 cm
cool bag
Length: 22 cm, Width: 16 cm, Height: 19 cm
RÄTA food container, transparent white, blue Volume: 0.4 l Package quantity: 3 pack
food container
/3 pack
Volume: 0.4 l, Package quantity: 3 pack
IKEA 365+ food container, grey, white Length: 17 cm Width: 17 cm Height: 6 cm
IKEA 365+
food container
Length: 17 cm, Width: 17 cm, Height: 6 cm
ANVÄNDBAR pouch, natural Length: 30 cm Height: 26 cm Package quantity: 5 pack
/5 pack
Length: 30 cm, Height: 26 cm, Package quantity: 5 pack
  • Food storage containers: helping you to manage a busy kitchen

    Food savers can be life-savers when managing any kitchen, especially if you’ve got kids. Lunch boxes are great for the kids’ packed lunches, and for keeping leftovers during the week. Depending on whether you want to keep dry goods or put them in the fridge or freezer to heat up later on, our series of food storage containers such as the IKEA 365+ are just right for the job. They come in different sizes, and they’ll protect food and help it last until it’s ready to enjoy all over again. They’re designed with a vent in the lid, so they’re microwave friendly, and they save energy, as food is heated up much quicker.

  • Food savers: compact and stackable

    Whether you’re looking to save a meal you’re particularly proud of or you’ve organised a picnic in the park, there’s any number of occasions when food savers will come in handy. Eating at your desk this week? Our JÄMKA or REDA food storage container sets will allow you to dedicate different sized boxes to different courses or ingredients. Durable and long-lasting, these food boxes can be used outside and in, and are designed to be used over and over again. Free up space in your kitchen and prolong the life of your favourite food with a container from IKEA.