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Salt and pepper

Seasoning for that mmmm moment

Whether they’re for everyday use or to make your dining table look a treat, it’s worth getting a stylish spice mill that’s easy to use, fill and maintain. They also make a great gift for a wedding or birthday, available in white or black with a ceramic grinding mechanism which is far more durable than steel grinders.

RAJTAN spice jar, aluminium-colour, glass Height: 8 cm Volume: 15 cl Package quantity: 4 pack
spice jar
/4 pack
Height: 8 cm, Volume: 15 cl, Package quantity: 4 pack
DROPPAR spice jar, stainless steel, frosted glass Diameter: 5 cm Height: 9 cm Volume: 9 cl
spice jar
/2 pack
Diameter: 5 cm, Height: 9 cm, Volume: 9 cl
BENUNGE salt and pepper shakers, stainless steel, clear glass Height: 12 cm Volume: 3 cl Package quantity: 2 pack
salt and pepper shakers
/2 pack
Height: 12 cm, Volume: 3 cl, Package quantity: 2 pack
  • Spice racks need good jars for easy storage

    A good cook will use herbs and spices to liven up food and to add flavour in a healthy and hearty way. They’re invaluable ingredients in all different kinds of cooking, from Indian to Italian, French to ‘fusion’. But these ingredients are easily spilled, and spice racks should really be well organised. Some good, simple spice jars are just what you need. Look no further; your nearest IKEA store has got everything from salt and pepper mills to oil and vinegar sets, as well as different shapes and sizes of spice jars. So spice up your life and pick some up today.

  • Salt and pepper mills and other condiment containers

    Help keep your kitchen neat and tidy by investing in some simple, affordable storage ideas. Cooking can be a messy activity; with different ingredients flying all over the place when you’re in that passionate culinary frenzy, and those all-important herbs and spices can get tipped over your worktops. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve got a wealth of useful items for all spice racks, like condiment jars, spice jars and lots of other food storage containers . Whether you’re after something specific like a soy sauce jug or an everyday item like a sugar shaker, we’ve the food storage solutions for your kitchen.