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A home for everything

Clothes, food, tools, paperwork, shoes, film and music collections, hobby things - whatever it is, we've got the storage solution for you. Back to IDEAS

We love using wall shelves to make big displays for showing off style and personality. This matches a white colour palette, with objects like books, porcelain and objects from nature to make a stylish in depth display.
If you’re storing seasonal clothes in boxes and bags, take a picture first and stick it on the outside so they’re easy to find when the right season rolls around again.
Shoe storage solutions
 In the last episode of our four-part series, we’ll show you how to prioritize space for privacy.
Hallway with IKEA storage and doormats
The end of summer means that it’s time again to swap out our sandals and sunhats for scarfs and sweaters. But before you pull out your heaters, here’s how to store your summer clothes
These images were taken from the IKEA Find it! book showing off the Paris home of stylist Hans Blomquist. Here he shows how to use storage to add to your homes look and feel.
Using modular kitchen cabinets it’s easy to make personalised wall storage. Here we’ve used TUTEMO kitchen cabinets on top of a wall covered in blackboard paint.
Create easy extra storage for books on a shelf above your window.
Create an open-close toy storage solution in your living room using an old wardrobe that’s also got space for drawing, painting and creating.
Going small Part 3: No space goes unwasted
Get creative. Come check out our interior designer Anna hack the IKEA KNAGGLIG wooden box.
A children’s room with pine furniture and lots of building blocks
A kitchen wall cabinet filled with old records.
These VALJE storage boxes are modular, so that they can be placed however you like. We’ve used these ones to make a sharehouse storage wall.
IKEA thinks small: how a family of four can live in 30m2
Ready to hit the open road? Come see our tips to get the trunk
A collage showing different labelling ideas including drawing, giant labels, stamping, material labels and writing on the wall.
A VARIERA plastic bag container, when attached to a wall, can become a home for a child’s hobby horses and other toys on sticks when they’re placed horizontally through the holes in the container.
Remove the coats and jackets and use a system of rails and hooks to make space for beach things like towels, mats, a rubber ring, swimwear, flipflips and kids beach toys.
Open view of hallway with SIGURD bench, TRONES shoes storage, TJUSIG hat rack to store and organise everyday items.
View of kitchen storage, open wall and hanging GRUNDTAL shelves with bright colour products and stainless steel utensils.
View of customised black KNODD bin on AKERKULLA rug with pattern wallpaper in background.
View of blue MALM chest of drawers with internal storage compartments. Bright textiles in foreground.
View of bedroom with white MERETE curtains closed across wardrobe storage system.
A step-ladder turned into a bookcase using shelves and filled with books and literature-themed trinkets infront of a brick wall with two large windows showing a city scene at night
A multi-use hanger is hanging from hooks against a black wood-panelled wall. The multi-use hanger is filled with different coloured socks that are filled with presents.
Kitchen with spice storage made of magnetic jars on magnetic boards
A traditional styled hallway with a dog standing next to his bed. Coats are hanging from a wall-mounted hat rack. A mirror and a pictures of dogs decorate the check-patterned walls and an arm chair is in the foreground. A wall-mounted double shelf is attached to the lower wood-panelled wall.
A selection of white storage products including a mirrored storage cabinet and a wall-mounted filing rack, a clock and light on a white wall with homely accessories for decoration.
Plan for a reach-in wardrobe with  personality
Chest with IKEA seating pad. Also full-length mirror and open storage on wall.
Inside a garage with storage boxes arranged on one wall, and two metal shelving units filled with gardening equipment and plants on the other wall.
Stacked arrangement of IKEA storage boxes under a stairway.
Small IKEA bureau and stool in the hallway, open to show phone and laptop.
Colourful knobs attached at different heights to a hallway wall with child’s clothes and accessories hanging from them and a bench with shoes underneath in front.
A dorm room with a bed, light blue painted chest of drawers, desk and storage. There are curtains across the entire back wall with shelving behind and a red and white striped blind across the window.
A homework corner in the living room showing a desk, a chair and wall cabinets from IKEA.