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Rekindle your living room love

So much of our life at home happens in the living room. That’s why you’ll find tons of ideas below for lounging, storing, playing and entertaining. So you can create a space that you love spending time in. Back to IDEAS

Colour and pattern create a vibrant and happy shared family space
Create a window seat sanctuary with soft textiles
A comfortable sofa with a chaise section fits perfectly into a corner of the small living space
Let in light and keep out nosy neighbours with a quick curtain frame.
Display fun collections on open shelves and mix and match with books and pictures
How does it look behind your sofa? For most of us it’s a wall or an empty space to hide from horror movies, which (useful though it is!) got us thinking about ways to make behind the couch a bit more practical using loads of storage and different “zones” in IKEA speak.
Sitting room with sofa piled with cushion and textiles. Shelving with eclectic mix of books and mementos
Create a cocoon in the corner of your living room using textiles, soft lighting and calming accessories.
A grey and a pink sofa placed back-to-back in the center of a livingroom
A living room layout doesn’t have to focus on the TV. This illustration highlights, using green, how you can have a face-to-face seating area as the rooms focal point instead.
From above it’s easy to see all the style elements of this coffee table: plants, plates, books, a candle, and a still-life decoration.
Living room: a white sofa is brightened with colourful textiles.
Home tour: Éléonore’s small & bold apartment in Paris
View of monochrome themed living room space with a cat sleeping on the charcoal sofa.
Picture of Agnes taping book pages on a wall
 IKEA goes small: why multifunctionality matters when downsizing
 A modern red sofa in pride of place in front of the window is complemented by retro furniture either side, including a sideboard, bar cart and dining table in a wooden-floored living room.
Cushions with different patterns can go together on a sofa. A plain pink cushion looks great with floral cushions and bold geometric prints also work with more detailed patterns.
View of living room with mustard yellow EKERO chair, pink cushion, emerald green STOCKHOLM chair, IKEA PS rug and pink SANELA cushion.
A white living room decorated with hanging ornaments and winter themed natural elements.
A bird’s eye view of layers of black and white rugs in different textures and with different patterns on the floor or a living room.
A dorm room with a bed, light blue painted chest of drawers, desk and storage. There are curtains across the entire back wall with shelving behind and a red and white striped blind across the window.
A living room with a blue and brown checked sofa with brown and white checked cushions on top, a blue and brown checked foot stool in front on top of a brown rug and a brown arm chair to the left side.
The room in daytime. IKEA sofa, armchair, bookcases, rug, coffee tables and glass display cabinet.
A small living room with IKEA sofa and chairs, coffee table, storage and lights.
Living room with two separate entertainment areas. IKEA sofa, corner sofa, chair, rugs and tables.
Living room with two IKEA armchairs, footstool, side tables and bookcases.
Living room with three sections of an IKEA modular sofa split into separate areas.
Birds-eye view showing three IKEA sofas arranged close together in a room.
Living room with IKEA seating, tables, storage, textiles and lighting. Finished with personal decorative touches.
Living room with five IKEA sofas in a U-shape. Rugs, mirrors, lamps and table.