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Curtain & panel track systems

Where your imagination goes KVARTAL follows

KVARTAL is a system for hanging panels and curtains. Unlike ordinary curtain rods, it consists of different parts designed for different functions. No longer are you constrained by the architecture of the room - simply choose the parts that match your ideas.

What to think about
KVARTAL offers you unprecedented freedom. Here are a few simple questions to help you determine the parts you will need and to get you started:
● How long?
You can make KVARTAL as long or as short as you like – all you have to do is put the rails together and cut them to the right length. A mitre box and saw is part of the KVARTAL range.
● Curved or straight?
KVARTAL thinks beyond the line letting you create imaginative curved solutions. For curves you will need to select the curved rails. To go around corners you will need the corner piece which comes in either single or triple track.

KVARTAL wall fitting, aluminium-colour Length: 14.5 cm Max. load: 5 kg
wall fitting
Length: 14.5 cm, Max. load: 5 kg
  • Curtain tracks provide an interesting alternative to simple curtains

    Curtains can really transform a room, and you’ll want to hang them with as little fuss as possible. Our KVARTAL curtain tracks provide a dynamic solution that’s convenient and easy to use. For a simple set-up with a single pair of curtains, you might opt for our basic single track rail. If you want a more modern looking window treatment, the triple track rail makes it possible to easily slide multiple panel curtains across each other.

  • Curtain tracks: simplicity with a range of accessories

    We’ve got a range of extra bits to help you select the best curtain track system for your room. Corner pieces are available for both single and triple track configurations, so going around corners is simplicity itself. Installing your curtain tracks is made even easier with our mitre box and saw to cut the rails to the appropriate length. And of course we also have all the wall and ceiling fittings you’ll need to hold the track in place. There’s even a KVARTAL draw rod to help you to arrange your panel curtains exactly as you like. And you will like.