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Fabric corner sofa

For every sitter, curler-up, and stretcher-out

No matter how you like to sit, you’ll find a comfy match in our fabric corner sofas. They are resilient, practical, comfortable and durable. Nothing less will do. We have a range of styles from modern to traditional.
We have a range of styles from modern to traditional, sofa, sofa beds, corner sofas and much more.
Just hover over your favourite style to see all of our available colour options, or use the above colour filters if you’ve already chosen your desired shade.

Looking for leather? View our range of quality leather corner sofas.

EKTORP corner sofa 2+2, Stenåsa white Min. width: 243 cm Max. width: 243 cm Depth: 88 cm
corner sofa 2+2
Min. width: 243 cm, Max. width: 243 cm, Depth: 88 cm More options
TIDAFORS corner sofa with arm right, Edsken dark grey Min. width: 235 cm Max. width: 285 cm Depth: 95 cm
corner sofa with arm right
Min. width: 235 cm, Max. width: 285 cm, Depth: 95 cm More options
KARLSTAD corner sofa 2+3/3+2, Lindö beige Depth: 93 cm Width right: 282 cm Width left: 241 cm
corner sofa 2+3/3+2
Depth: 93 cm, Width right: 282 cm, Width left: 241 cm More options
FRIHITEN Corner Sofa Bed
See our multifunctional corner sofa bed>>
SÖDERHAMN corner sofa, Isunda orange Min. width: 198 cm Max. width: 291 cm Seat depth: 48 cm
corner sofa
Min. width: 198 cm, Max. width: 291 cm, Seat depth: 48 cm More options
SÖDERHAMN corner sofa, Gräsbo white Min. width: 291 cm Max. width: 291 cm Seat depth: 48 cm
corner sofa
Min. width: 291 cm, Max. width: 291 cm, Seat depth: 48 cm More options


  • Fabric corner sofas: practical solutions for limited space

    Our corner sofas are ideal for slotting in to tricky corners of your living room, matching your taste in design and your desire for comfort. Our fabric corner sofas give you extra seating, especially when the dimensions of your living space are restricted. Put simply, they maximise the space you have. Take our SÖDERHAMN corner sofa; it’s modular, so you can have different combinations, like a three-seater section with a corner seat. Don’t waste your space; use every corner wisely and comfortably with something from our selction of fabric corner sofas.

  • Fabric corner sofas: contemporary and stylish – and comfy

    As well as helping you maximise your space, some of our contemporary corner sofas have eye-catching designs, making them a stylish addition to your home. Available in some super-comfy materials and a variety of colours, our fabric corner sofas range in design from sleek and modern to more traditional styles. Our TIDAFORS sofas come with the option of an armrest being on the left- or right-hand side, so it’s flexible enough to fit perfectly in different shaped rooms. Drop into your nearest IKEA store to feel the comfort, and discover the styles of our corner sofas for yourself. Also, perfect for your living room, check out our rugs and blinds.