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Dried flowers & Potpourri

Fill your home with beauty

It’s often the small things in our homes that say the most about who we are. Our dried flowers and potpourri will help you add plenty of personality and fragrance to your home. Why not browse our range of decorative bowls and vases that come in many shapes, sizes and colours so you can find the perfect combination for your home.

Dried flowers
TORKA dried bouquet, palm leaf assorted colours Height: 114 cm Package quantity: 10 pack
dried bouquet
/10 pack
Height: 114 cm, Package quantity: 10 pack
DOFTA potpourri in a box, scented assorted colours Length: 9 cm Width: 9 cm Height: 20 cm
potpourri in a box
Length: 9 cm, Width: 9 cm, Height: 20 cm
BETÄNKA potpourri in a bag, assorted colours Width: 8 cm Height: 13 cm Net weight: 30 g
potpourri in a bag
Width: 8 cm, Height: 13 cm, Net weight: 30 g
  • Potpourri for a dash of colour and fragrance

    Use your imagination and creativity to add a splash of colour to your home and enjoy sweet-smelling fragrances. Our range of potpourri and dried flowers will bring an extra dimension of decoration to any room. From floral assortments in soft sorbet shades to an aquatic theme of starfish and shells, we have dried flowers to refresh and brighten your mood. Our potpourris come in different colours, so you can mix and match different shades and textures for a striking look. And adding a rustic brown, cream and black potpourri will provide a creatively distinct contrast

  • Dried flowers: enhance the decor of any room

    It’s those little touches that make a house a home and potpourri and dried flowers are an affordable option that allows you to give your interiors a uniquely personal touch. For a modern feel to your living room, our ten-to-a-pack, TORKA palm-leaf bouquets make bold statements in their bright hues of green, red, black and purple. For something softer, the TORKA jute stalk decoration with small buds would sit very nicely in your kitchen window. Decorative flourishes are fuss-free; you don’t need to water or care for them. Just enjoy the long-lasting colour and detail they add to your room.