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Outdoor plant pots & Plants

Feeling green-fingered?

Whether you have a sprawling garden, a large terrace or a small balcony, no outdoor space would be complete without some greenery. You might have veteran green fingers, or don’t know your daisies from your daffodils. Either way we have something just right from you and your outside space. Try to choose a plant to suit your space. If you’ve got a balcony, patio or roof terrace, choose plants that are drought resistant, wind tolerant and can live in pots. Or herbs like thyme, basil and rosemary are perfect for growing on a window ledge.

KALANCHOE potted plant, Flaming Katy Diameter of plant pot: 12 cm Height of plant: 27 cm
potted plant
Diameter of plant pot: 12 cm, Height of plant: 27 cm

Found solutions to create
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  • Plants to decorate your garden

    To help brighten up your garden or balcony, we’ve got a range of outdoor pots and plants to hang, balance and install around your outdoor space. Practical and attractive, our potted garden plants and plant pots come in a variety of styles, materials and colours. Some are made of hard-wearing galvanised steel for rust resistence. Hang a planter from a hook to display small potted plants in hanging baskets. Our rust-resistant watering can matches the style of other items in the range, so you can water your plants in style.

  • Garden plants and pots for a greener outdoors

    Our selection of pots and plants include steel buckets and balcony holders. Or you might prefer our more modern plant pots and saucers, which provide plenty of room to hold your potted plants. For instant greenery, consider a set of our gorgeous plants with their bright, vibrant colours. And to liven up your window sills, balconies and fences, you could opt for a flower box, which can be suspended from a rail on a wall.