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Find your favourite magical space

In our Children gallery, you can browse combinations of furniture, toys, storage and more. There are lots of different styles and sizes – and all at affordable prices. We've picked out the products for you, so it's easy to recreate what you see here in your own home. And, we've grouped everything by children's ages, so finding what you're looking for is a snap. Take a look and find children's solutions that make home the best place to grow up.

A bedroom with a white crib with green floor drawers combined with a white wardrobe and a white changing table with green drawers.
A nursery with a white crib combined with a wardrobe and cabinet with a changing table top.
A bedroom with a crib in beech combined with a changing table in beech and a chest of drawers in white/birch.
A baby bedroom with a SUNDVIK cot in grey-brown and NANIG green bed linen.
A nursery with a white cot with floor drawers and a changing table. Combined with a blue wardrobe. 
A nursery with a white cot converted into a bed. Shown together with a white changing table and a pink chest of drawers. 
A baby room with grey-brown SUNDVIK changing table, wardrobe and cot
A nursery with a light grey cot with drawers and a wardrobe. Combined with a beige bed canopy and a white armchair.
White changing table and shelf unit with storage boxes in different sizes
A solid beech baby cot in the parents bedroom
A white changing table with matching wardrobe
A children’s room with two white beds, one with light pink bed linen and the other with light blue.
Kids’ storage with SUNDVIK wardrobe and chest of drawers in grey-brown, SUNDVIK desk and chair in white
A colourful children’s room with a loft bed in solid pine with space underneath for drawing and reading. Combined with low storage in solid pine with plastic boxes in pink, green and orange.
A colourful children’s room with a white bed made with colourful quilt cover and pillowcase. Shown with pink rugs, a children’s swivel armchair with hood and a white table with two chairs. 
A colourful children’s room with a bed in solid beech made with colourful quilt cover and pillowcase and with a green bed canopy that looks like a big leaf. Combined with a green pop-up playing tent and a tunnel. 
A colourful children’s room with a light grey extendable bed, a yellow storage bench that looks like a treasure chest, a red footstool that can be used as a seat and a red playing tent.
A kids’ room with BUSUNGE wardrobe and chest of drawers in blue.
A kids’ bedroom with BUSUNGE wardrobe, chest of drawers and bed in pink
A small kids’ bedroom with plenty of space for both sleep and play, with a KLURA loft bed in solid pine and a green KURA bed tent.
A children's room with a blue extendable bed with matching chest of drawers and wardrobe
A white bed with canopy and quilt cover set with a triangular pattern in bright colours
A teenage room with a silver-coloured loft bed with a desk and chest of drawers underneath.
A children’s room with a silver-coloured bunk bed made with bed linen in turquoise and blue. On the floor there is a rug with LED lighting that looks like a stage.
A children’s room with a bunk bed, desk and storage in solid pine. Combined with bed linen, rug and noticeboard in pink.
A teenage room with a black bunk bed, desk and wall shelves. Combined with a white swivel chair. 
A teenage room with black/white bed and storage. Combined with two black balance chairs, comfortable to sit in when playing video games.
Kids’ room with STUVA storage in black and white, FLAXA bed in b/w and IKEA PS 2014 bench

SMILA wall mounted lamps strangulation hazard