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The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
LANGÖR curtains used as room divider
Meet me in the middle
Curtains work well as room dividers for privacy. They also dampen sound, as well as keep bright lights shining where they’re wanted and dim where they’re not.
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LANGÖR Curtains, 1 pair £30EIVOR Throw £15EIVOR Throw £15FILLSTA Pendant lamp £37
Curtain rod used as crafts rack above desk
Unleash some creativity
A simple curtain rod at desk height makes a great place to store ribbon, decorative tape, spools of stickers and other pretty craft items. Just what a creative corner needs!
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BETYDLIG Curtain rod holder £0.50BETYDLIG Curtain rod holder £0.50FRAMSTÄLLA Gift ribbon £1.25FRAMSTÄLLA Roll of tape, set of 4 £5FRAMSTÄLLA Roll of tape, set of 4 £5FRAMSTÄLLA Tissue paper £1.30RÄCKA Curtain rod £2RÄCKA Curtain rod £2RÄCKA Curtain rod £2RÄCKA Curtain rod £2FRAMSTÄLLA Roll of tape, set of 4 £5
IKEA PS 2012 wall lamp used as bedside lamp and kids night lights on a wall ledge above bed
When it’s still dark outside
Night lights do more than scare away monsters. They also light the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night – without waking anybody else from pleasant dreams.
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SPÖKA LED night light £13SPÖKA LED night light £13IKEA PS 2012 LED wall lamp £42
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AGAM Junior chair £35
Junior chair
Width: 41 cm, Depth: 43 cm, Height: 79 cm
LANGÖR Curtains, 1 pair £30
Curtains, 1 pair
Length: 300 cm, Width: 145 cm, Weight: 2.70 kg
Length: 150 cm, Width: 75 cm, Height: 74 cm
MALM Bed frame, high £100
Bed frame, high
Length: 209 cm, Width: 106 cm, Footboard height: 38 cm
PYSSLINGAR Bed storage box £7
Bed storage box
Width: 50 cm, Depth: 60 cm, Height: 14 cm
RIBBA Picture ledge £8.25
Picture ledge
Length: 115 cm, Depth: 9 cm, Max. load: 7.50 kg
TROFAST Frame £35
Width: 99 cm, Depth: 44 cm, Height: 56 cm