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Sheepskin and Cow hide rugs

Statement piece

Cow hide rugs are more than just a statement piece. They retain their natural appearance and quality over a long time so a worthy investment. Natural marks, colour and size variations are inherent characteristics of the leather and make each cowhide unique.

TEJN faux sheepskin, white Length: 100 cm Width: 60 cm Surface density: 904 g/m²
faux sheepskin
Length: 100 cm, Width: 60 cm, Surface density: 904 g/m²
FÅRDRUP faux sheepskin, grey Length: 100 cm Width: 60 cm Area: 0.60 m²
faux sheepskin
Length: 100 cm, Width: 60 cm, Area: 0.60 m²


  • Sheepskin rugs for a stylish, natural look

    What better way to adorn wooden floors and other carpets than with sumptuous sheepskin and cow hide rugs? Our natural rugs are the real deal, and will add a touch of traditional luxury to every household. The LUDDE sheepskin rug comes in two hues to ensure it complements your interiors perfectly, while our premium KOLDBY cow hide rug comes in the natural combinations of black and white or brown and white. Not only are these rugs decorative, they’re also soft underfoot. And you can make them safer to tread over if you put a STOPP anti-slip underlay beneath it.

  • Sheepskins and cow hides are high-quality and unique

    Investing in sheepskins or cow hides will give you something the family can enjoy for many years to come. The sheepskin wool is naturally soil-repellent, easily washed and hard-wearing. And the cow hide rug is durable and will stay just as beautiful for a long time; just remember to vacuum it when you do the rest of the house. And because our designs are so natural, you’ll find that no two rugs are identical; the different variations will give your home a bit of a unique character.