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Cushions and cushion covers

New cushions for a new look

Cushions can work wonders. They add so much softness and comfort, while the colours and patterns add atmosphere and your personal style. Getting new cushions or covers is such a quick, affordable way to freshen up a room that you can do it whenever you feel like a change.


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  • Cushions for comfort and style

    Our bed cushions and covers not only boost your comfort but also help make your bed look just the way you want it. Our bed cushions come in lots of different patterns, shapes and sizes. You’ll find covers and fillings made from natural materials like cotton, feathers and synthetics. You can wash the covers and many of our cushions in your machine – great news if you’re leaning back with a full cup of coffee! You can choose between bedroom cushions with different levels of firmness, and from specialist ones like neckrolls or lumbar cushions. For even more choice, we have cushion covers that you can combine with our inner cushions.

  • Change your cushions - change your look

    Cushions and cushion covers make it affordable and easy to change the look of your bed instantly. You could update a room to reflect a new season, or simply to give old furniture new life. Cushions are fun to just mix and match with each other - and with the rest of your bedding. But as a lot of our cushions and covers belong to collections, it’s also easy to go for a coordinated look. Keep an eye out for series names like ALVINE or VILMIE. So whether you’re a romantic with a sore back, or a modernist coffee-lover, you can check out our cushions and covers and find what’s perfect for you.