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High shelves and a multifunctional washstand in a small bathroom
Don’t let clutter hog the bathroom
Clutter is sneaky. It creeps into spaces and overruns your sense of privacy. So we kicked it out and invited open space in – with a wall of cabinets, a smart sink, storage way up high, and a foldable stool that helps you reach it all (we painted this one black to match the wash stand).
  UDDGRUND Shower curtain £10LILLÅNGEN Mirror cabinet with 1 door £19.90BEKVÄM Stepladder, 3 steps £29FRÄJEN Bath sheet £11  LILLÅNGEN End unit £20RÖRSKÄR Wash-basin mixer tap with strainer £35LILLÅNGEN Washbasin cabinet with 1 door £80
Close-up of LILLÅNGEN wash-basin cabinet with sink
Share the sink
Everything you need to wash-up and get ready can fit even in the smallest bathroom. It just takes a few good ideas, like LILLÅNGEN sink. It has towel hangers, a soap dish, tray and ledge along the back for extra storage.
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RÖRSKÄR Wash-basin mixer tap with strainer £35LILLÅNGEN Washbasin cabinet with 1 door £80
GRUNDTAL wall shelves with towels, boxes and baskets
We’re not afraid of heights
Try installing shelves all the way up to the ceiling. Because the more storage you have on the wall, the more floor space you have to move around on.
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    FRÄJEN Bath sheet £11FRÄJEN Bath sheet £11VARIERA Box £4  GRUNDTAL Wall shelf £14GRUNDTAL Wall shelf £14
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