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Bathroom textiles

Treat yourself to a makeover

When you are itching for a new look for your bathroom, freshening up your textiles can make a world of difference. Try some towels in a different colour, a shower curtain in a new pattern or a new bath mat. That way, you can spend more time (and money) pampering yourself instead of your home.

Calm, green-toned bathroom with an  assortment of towels on a shelf and hanging from towel racks and hooks
Weekday mornings can be hard. Why not soften yours up?
Use towels, bath mats and shower curtains to create a warm, comfortable space for getting ready for the day ahead.
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INGEBORG Bath towel £6 GUNNERN Pedestal table £25 SILVERÅN High cabinet with 2 doors £95 SILVERÅN Storage bench £40 SILVERÅN/HAMNVIKEN Wash-basin cabinet with 1 door £115

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  • Textiles for your bathroom

    Textiles are a great way to add colour and softness to your bathroom. They also bring warmth to a chilly floor. Our range of bath mats and shower curtains come in many different sizes and our towels are a variety of colours and patterns. As well as being very practical, these soft furnishings can have a big impact when it comes to giving your bathroom the look you want. It’s also very easy to change the look of your bathroom whenever you feel like it. For a quick, affordable revamp, just try getting some new towels, a matching mat and maybe a new shower curtain.

  • Soft furnishings for any room in your home

    Our textiles are practical as well as stylish. Nearly all of our towels are made from 100% combed cotton and have a thick, terry quality so they’re absorbent and feel soft on your wet skin. You can get matching towels in different sizes, from face cloths to bath sheets, and there’s a choice of different thicknesses too. Our range of soft furnishings are perfect for any room in your house. You’ll find everything from duvets and pillows for a better night’s sleep, to rugs and curtains for a mini living room makeover. You just need a quick trip to your local IKEA store.