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Large & medium rugs

Look. And feel, hear, sit and stomp

A rug is about more than just looks and expression. It helps to control acoustics, adds comfort and softness to any room and can function as the occasional seat of choice when there isn't enough space for everyone. Plus, a thick rug can make a chilly floor feel warmer, so you don’t have to turn the heat up.

EIVOR CIRKEL rug, high pile, red, white Length: 200 cm Width: 200 cm Area: 4.00 m²
rug, high pile
Length: 200 cm, Width: 200 cm, Area: 4.00 m²
  • Large rugs: an attractive alternative to carpeting

    Whether you’ve got exposed wooden floorboards or a carpeted room, you can make your home feel more intimate and cosy by laying large rugs in your living room. Our modern, colourful and durable rugs come in a range of designs, styles and shapes to add an individual spark into a room’s décor. Use our STOPP FILT anti-slip underlay for added safety and comfort; it’s suitable for all kind of flooring. Some of our rugs are machine-washable – but vacuuming is normally enough to keep them looking good. Our wool rugs are naturally soil resistant, making them easy to clean; ideal for families with young children and pets.

  • Large rugs: low pile or high pile – decisions, decisions

    Our large rugs strike a fine balance between heat-retentive comfort, decoration and ease of cleaning. The SKARUM rug has polypropylene fibres that have been heat-treated to give the rug a firm, resilient pile, while its colourful pattern will brighten up any room. The dense, thick pile of the circular-patterned EIVOR CIRKEL provides warm and soft surface for your feet, and also dampens sound. Our GÅSER high-pile rug is designed to make it easy to join two rugs together to make one larger one. You can keep them looking great by vacuuming and rotating them regularly.